The 5G NLP Trainers’ Training
& Certification Program

Reaching the TOP is a dream for everyone, but only a few can make it and maintain themselves at the top!

To be at the TOP and that too as a LEADER is a position of highest ‘Responsibility’ for a Training Professional. Every word that a Trainer utters becomes a command for the serious student. Considering the magnitude of the dynamism of this “Role of a Trainer”, Ashvin has integrated the most advanced inputs for you on the path of mastery.

It needs tremendous determination, readiness for hard work, commitment to excellence and passion to drive it all together, and then you have a right to be at the TOP.

Ashvin nourishes you while paying total attention to your individuality. The methodology developed by Ashvin ensures your mental, emotional and physical conditioning to perform at the highest level.

Ashvin has bundled his experience of 30 long years together for YOU to enable YOU to reach the TOP step by step, in a structured manner, systematically.

The 5GNLP Trainers Training Program with Ashvin is the ultimate choice for the people who dream of becoming the most influential and charismatic Presenters, Facilitators and Trainers.

A Journey of 78 days in total, the first 60 days are study-from-home days where participants have to systematically complete preparation assignments and attend online training / coaching sessions.

This training is divided into 6 Parts! It is the part of classical structuring of the brain to capture the essential skills and capabilities one-by-one directly at the unconscious level.

The Preparation Zone – Mandatory For Each Participant.

Time Span: 60 Days

This is the most fascinating part of the entire journey. This forms the basic foundation of becoming a world class training professional. At this stage you get the whole idea about what is meant to be a true trainer. The Preparation Zone includes the following:

The Goal Development
✓ The Career Transition
✓ The Drill
✓ The Eagerness

Grooming As A Public Speake

Time Span: 3 Days

Public Speaking includes the following:
Imbibing the true character of Public Speaker
Do it to believe it……..Presentation Drills
Feedback and Feed Forward

Development Of A Trainer

Time Span: 4 Days

The need of the hour – Subject Matter Expertise
The war preparation – Learning & Development Zone
Transform in to Training Tools Engineer
Trainer Drills
The Journey continues

Masterful Facilitation

Time Span: 2 Days

Public Speaking includes the following:
Imbibing the true character of Public Speaker
Do it to believe it……..Presentation Drills
Feedback and Feed Forward

Core NLP Mastery

Time Span: 6 Days

NLP Communication Model
Conscious Use of Language
NLP Submodalities
Perceptual Positions
Swish Pattern
Meta Model
Milton Model
Parts Integration
Fast Phobia Model
Meta Programs
Sleight of Mouth
Logical Levels
NLP Modeling

Becoming A Charismatic NLP Demonstrator

Time Span: 2 Days

Practical Demonstration
Thorough Testing
Installing Peak Performance Anchors

Certification & Celebration

Time Span: 1 Day

✓ Confidence to train anyone and everyone, anywhere in             the world in NLP.
✓ Total shift in your focus from “content” to “context”.
✓ Excellence in the pre-course work.
✓ Unmatched ability to perform as the most engaging                speaker.
✓ Training to Transform.
✓ Facilitate the entire process of theory as well as                        experiential learning.
✓ Mastery over “working with clients” as a coach.
✓ Total proficiency of opening and closing topic after topic.
✓ Masterful use of language to bring maximum results from      the trainees.
✓ Clear vision, worthwhile mission to follow through.

We have limited seats in our 5G NLP Train The Trainer Training program and majority of times, seats are sold out in advance. You need to reserve your seat soon, because if you don’t, there is a good chance you won’t be able to attend. Seats are getting filled up quickly, so enrol NOW by clicking the button below.

Admissions Strictly After Orientation & Screening Only!

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