The 5G NLP Master Practitioner Training
& Certification Program.

Congratulations, you are a Certified NLP Practitioner!
You will appreciate your own complete involvement during the NLP Practitioner training program and we have to admire your commitment for “Self Development”.
It is all the more pleasant to see, hear and feel the passion that you have for your journey towards excellence
Just take a recap, what all has changed since your being certified as an NLP Practitioner. You will have to acknowledge the number of transformations experienced by you.
If you have trained with me, i.e. Ashvin at the Practitioners’ level, as you take a day-to-day review, you would be able to list down the breakthroughs achieved by you. Has the overwhelm prevented you from taking a realistic review of the entire journey of becoming an NLP Practitioner?
Now is the time to dive deep into the ocean of 5GNLP know-how and technology. You must have become even more convinced as you have WITNESSED the magic and the miracles of this core psychology, isn’t it?

Now Let’s Think Of The Reasons Why YOUR 5GNLP Journey For Mastery Must Continue:

 ✓ You are acquainted with the basics of 5GNLP and you are aware of the magic it can bring for YOU!

✓  You are going to get an opportunity to re-participate in the 5GNLP Practitioner again as when we conduct our offline program near          you, which will ensure you are thorough with the practitioner skill-set.
✓ You have never settled only by starting something, I know that you are a finisher and you would like to inculcate in you the advanced        5GNLP Patterns and you are eager to do so.
✓ You would like to establish a “Source of Income” as a 5GNLP Master Practitioner.
✓ You would like to be a part of the Atmabhan team to Transform more and more people
✓ Advancement is one GOAL and we appreciate your zeal to bring wholeness in everything that you want to do.
✓ You are 100% convinced to be serious about investing in here and you get multiplying returns as soon as you want to.

This 5G NLP Master Practitioner Training Will Bring For You:

✓ Communication Mastery
✓ Emotional Mastery
✓ Relationship Mastery
✓ Leadership Mastery
✓ Wholeness Mastery

A fresh look into all that you have learnt at the 5GNLP Practitioner lets you grasp the same syllabus again, this time with the ability to utilize 5GNLP with contextual application.
Advanced Language Patterns bring a very deep understanding about how human beings process the language in their brains to make the meaning of their world.
A Dedicated Session on Meta Programs gives you a thorough understanding of personality types and how the character of human behaviour is set up through the upbringing.
As you dive deep into the “Value System”, you become a wizard in “Emotional Intelligence”.
The Personal Breakthrough Session is the greatest feature of 5GNLP Master Practitioner Training. “What is that one thing? If that changes, your entire Life will Change?”

Is All Of This Possible In Just 7 Days?

The answer to this question is, Yes! It has been proved time and again that 7 days can bring total transformation.
To ensure this, we at Atmabhan Academy follow the NLP-EDGE system. That is Experience – Demonstrate – Gain – Enhance.
Experience gives you a realization through observation and firm belief in the process of transformation, which eventually proves to be an advantage for modelling.
Demonstrate with ease, advanced transformation processes with individuals and groups, this process helps you to assimilate, inculcate and master implementation as “YOU”.
Gain insights and confidence in the modelling processes, utilise advanced linguistic rules and procedures. This is the core for transformation of Personal Self Image (PSI)
Enhance yourself to be an influential personality for transformations, to design and deliver NLP presentations.
5G NLP Skills get precedence over information bombarding which makes the entire learning experience just engaging!

All You Need To Know About The Certification:

After successful completion of the 5G NLP Practitioner Certification Training, you shall receive 2 certifications:

Practicing, The Super 5GNLP Mastery:

Master of 5GNLP themes and practices.
You would participate in all experiments, exercises, demonstrations.
You would be doing a number of projects, case studies.
You would be receiving and giving feedback.
You would begin to build yourself as an NLP Trainer / Coach.
You learn NLP modeling skills by modeling various techniques and patterns being demonstrated with ready-to-         model scripts.
You would just move to be an elegant 5GNLP Master Practitioner at the skill level applying the NLP magic way            before the client notices.

Know Your Outcome From 5GNLP Master Practitioner:

✓ Developing “Unconscious Competence” for practicing NLP knowledge and application.
✓ Master the processes of “NLP Modelling”
✓ Access and imbibe the skills to recognize the driving elements of unconscious behaviour and patterns.
✓ Mark your intention to become proficient in 5GNLP. This is specially to discover your “Personal
✓ Become an effective and efficient “Change Enabler” for self and others.
✓ Want to build a career in NLP as an EXPERT?
✓ Want to become a 5GNLP Coach?
✓ Earn BIG money and maintain a steady flow of income through 5GNLP Coaching.

Admissions Strictly After Orientation & Screening Only!

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