What is NLP ?

NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is the art and science of excellence and transformation, derived from studying how greats in different fields obtain their outstanding success. These skills should be learned by everyone for self-development and to improve their effectiveness both personally and professionally. It is directly applicable to a diverse spectrum of fields such as communication, business, sales, education, therapy, technology, medicine, law, media, etc.

How was NLP Conceived?

NLP began in the early 70s as a thesis project in Santa Cruz, California. Richard Bandler and his professor, John Grinder, aimed to develop models of human behavior to understand why certain people seemed to be excellent at what they did, while others found the same tasks challenging or nearly impossible to do. Inspired by pioneers in fields of therapy and personal growth and development, Bandler and Grinder began to develop systematic procedures and theories that formed the basis of NLP.

They studied top three therapists: Virginia Satir, the extraordinary family therapist, who consistently resolved difficult family relationships that many other therapists found intractable; the innovative psychotherapist Fritz Perls, who formulated the school of therapy known as Gestalt; and Milton Erickson, the world-famous hypnotherapist.

Grinder and Bandler’s goal was to develop models of how these three therapists always got their results. Identifying and modeling the patterns that produced these results gave rise to the revolutionary science of NLP. The three gifted therapists were quite different personalities, yet Grinder and Bandler discovered some underlying patterns that showed a lot of similarity. Meta-model, submodalities, reframing, language patterns, well formedness conditions and eye accessing cues evolved from these underlying patterns.

NLP is a catalyst that gives you accelerated proficiency and a treasure of resources to become the next great in your field!

Applications of NLP?

Today, NLP is used in all spheres of life; Professional, Personal, Family, Financial, Social and Spiritual. NLP has grown in numerous directions – changing personal behavior and structures of beliefs, brain training, business coaching, life coaching, and sales training; alignment of personal behaviors and beliefs with a higher purpose; and connection to the Divine; speed healing in hospital settings and to lessen the need for anesthesia during medical procedures.

NLP is applied successfully in Advertisement industry, Education, Public speaking, stage fright management, effective parenting, ridding of allergies, phobias, trauma, etc. The list of areas where training in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and individual therapeutic work with NLP practitioners is always valuable and is endless.


Complete Transformation

• Freedom from Limiting Beliefs
• Attaining Self Awareness
• Destroying FEAR/PHOBIA
• Health Resolves
• Freedom from Emotional Stress/Pain
• Getting rid of Negative memories
• Overcoming Crisis
• Managing Mental States & brain training
• Financial Stability & Freedom
• Freedom from Procrastination

Coding & Decoding Behaviors

• Enhancing Sensory Awareness
• Calibration and excellence
• Great Communication
• Building Great Rapport
• Science of Influence
• Maintaining Resourceful states
• Learning Behavioral Patterns, Responses and filters
• Fulfillment in all 6 spheres of LIFE
• Successful Leadership
• Sensory Expertise

Getting to the Top

• Setting Great Goals for You
• Unleash your Potential
• Realizing the Genius Inside You
• Accelerated Productivity
• Precision in all Efforts
• Peak Performance
• Physiology & Psychology of Excellence
• Getting the desired BREAKTHROUGH
• Being RESOURCEFUL Always
• Modeling the Greats

Optimism and Concentration for Excellence and Mastery.

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“NLP” is the Operating System you need for your Hardware called the “BRAIN”

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♦ Help people, solve Health challenges.
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♦ Be in charge of your destiny.
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♦ Achieve Excellence in whatever you are doing.