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Simplifying Life with the Perfect Blend of Science and Spirituality

12th,13th,14th April 2024 |

3D3N Residential Retreat

Venue: Megh Malhar Agro Resort, Hotle Gaon, Paud-Hadshi Road, Pune

Original Price: ₹25,000/-
Special Early Bird Offer: ₹21,000/-

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This Program is for you if the answer to any of the following questions is “YES”!

Are too many Entaglements making your everyday life a mess?

Do you feel tired and exhausted frequently?

Do you feel the urge to take a break that will make you feel completely rejuvenated?

Do you feel the urge to meditate, become more self aware & experience real Inner Happiness?

Are you feeling stressed and pressured both mentally & emotionally?

Are you on the look out of a community that can lead you on the path of compassion and mindfulness?

If these questions are relatable to you then you have reached the right spot. Welcome to the Atmabhan Guided Meditation Retreat Program. A 3-Days-3-Nights retreat program that will break the shackles of limiting and negative thoughts, beliefs and values. A program specially devised to enable participants to dive deep into their inner selfs. Atmabhan Meditation Retreat Program is a Mindfulness experience, set amidst the Lush green scapes of Hotle, that will bring you close to the nature, help you BREATHE and discover the calmness within.

Join the Atmabhan Guided Meditation Retreat Program

with Ashvin Deshpande


12th, 13th, 14th April 2024


Megh Malhar Agro Resort, Paud-Hadshi Road, Pune

Course Facilitator:

Mr. Ashvin Deshpande

Why should you participate in the Atmabhan Meditation Retreat Program?

  • Realise and connect with your Inner Universe and experience Self Awareness
  • To learn and adapt the most simple, effective and efficient way of meditation
  • To initiate and indulge in a more “self-aware” and “spiritually enhanced” lifestyle because “The ultimate route to Spirituality starts from Your Inner Self”
  • To understand your inner strengths and powers and to take charge of your own “Well being”
  • To discover your true purpose and setting the path of achieving it

Topics Covered in the Atmabhan Meditation Retreat Program?

  • Detailed preview and in-depth learning of the “Atmabhan” Lifestyle
  • Atmabhan “Breathing Patterns” Practice
  • Atmabhan Yog Sadhana Practice
  • Guided Meditation System & Practice
  • Maharshi Patanjali Yog Practices
  • Practicing the Principles of Mindfulness
  • Practicing the right path to inner peace & calmness

Key Outcomes from the Atmabhan Meditation Retreat Program?

  • You will discover the real you, the purpose of your life and move ahead with mindfulness and calmness.
  • You will start living a more self aware and satisfaction oriented life.
  • You will discover the principles of “living in the moment” and enjoy your life more.
  • You will get connected with your Inner Self and experience a balanced life.
  • You will live a more compassionate and fulfilling life.
  • Release yourself from the mainstream life and connect with Spirituality.
  • Discover the secret to living a stress-free and tension-free life.

Join the Atmabhan Guided Meditation Retreat Program

with Ashvin Deshpande


12th, 13th, 14th April 2024


Megh Malhar Agro Resort, Paud-Hadshi Road, Pune

Course Facilitator:

Mr. Ashvin Deshpande

What makes the Atmabhan Meditation Retreat Program so special?

The Answer to this question lies in knowing who the Facilitator of this program is Mr. Ashvin Deshpande.

Ashvin has been an International NLP Trainer, Professional Certified Business & Executive Coach, a Public Speaker and a Corporate Trainer for over 30 years. Having studied various modalities of Human Psychology, Human Behaviour and the Conscious & Unconscious mind for decades, Ashvin set himself on the journey of spirituality. He is the founder of the “Ayushya Sopa Karuya” or the “Let’s simplify life” Moment and has contributed to the lives of over a million people so far. Through his Guided Meditation Programs and his Spiritual teaching, Ashvin has shown the right path to Inner-Happiness & Mindfulness to numerous people from all walks of life.
You will be in the close proximity of Mr. Deshpande through 3 Days and 3 Nights, learning the principles of Mindfulness & Spirituality first-hand from him. This facility in itself, makes this Retreat Program a very special opportunity.
Ashvin will be your guide in discovering your inner self, hand-holding you to lead on your path to self-liberation and mindfulness. Ashvin is a very compassionate facilitator and he encourages you to understand, learn and practice the most effective methodologies for you to adopt a new lifestyle and become more self aware!

About the Venue

Megh Malhar Agro Resort

Hotle Gaon, Paud-Hadshi Road, Pune

Click here to view the Location on Google Maps

Experience Serenity & Peace

amidst the Lush Green Scapes of the Sahyadri Hills

Stay in a Traditional Wada

surrounded by Mango Plantations from all sides

Experience a Satvik Lifestyle

with Pure Vegetarian – healthy, hygenic & homely food

Join the Atmabhan Guided Meditation Retreat Program

with Ashvin Deshpande

Energy Exchange

(Fee Structure)

Original Price: ₹25,000/-
Special Early Bird Offer: ₹21,000/-


  • Stay in a Traditional Wada (Double Occupancy non-AC Rooms)
  • Pure Vegetarian Food – Breakfast, Lunch, Hi-Tea with Snacks, Dinner
  • Breathing, Guided Meditation & Yog Practices Sessions


Traveling (by any mode of transport) is NOT included in these fees.

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Age: 14 Years and above (Copy of Aadhaar Card is Mandatory)
  • People suffering from any chronic diseases are restricted
  • Prior Registration and 100% Advance payment Mandatory
  • All Payment Modes Available (UPI, Credit Cards, Net Banking, Cheque) – Cash not accepted

The Atmabhan Meditation Retreat Program

Detailed Itinerary

Frequently Asked questions

What is the duration of this Meditation retreat Program?

This Meditation Retreat Program spans over 3 Days and 3 Nights starting from
12th, 13th, 14th April. Participants will check out in the morning of the 15th of April.

Where will the retreat take place?

The retreat will be held at Megh Malhar Agro Resort, located at Hotle Gaon on
Paud-Hadshi Road approximately 38km from Pune.

Who will be facilitating the retreat?

This guided meditation retreat will be facilitated by Mr. Ashvin Deshpande. Mr.
Deshpande is a seasoned meditation expert, having studied over 117 different
methods of meditation and has created the “Atmabhan Dhyaan” system. With
over 10 years of in depth study, Mr. Deshpande has a strong grip over various
subjects like Advaita Vedanta, Shrimad Bhagvat Gita, Patanjali Yoga, etc.

What is the objective of the meditation retreat?

The primary aim of the retreat is to provide participants with an immersive
experience in meditation, offering techniques and practices to cultivate inner
peace, mindfulness, and self-awareness.

What are the accommodation arrangements?

Accommodation will be provided at Megh Malhar Agro Resort for the duration
of the retreat. Participants will have comfortable double occupancy lodging
facilities ensuring a conducive environment for meditation and relaxation.

What level of experience is required to attend the retreat?

The retreat is open to individuals of all experience levels, whether you're new
to meditation or have been practicing for years.

What should I bring with me to the retreat?

Participants are encouraged to bring comfortable clothing suitable for
meditation, any personal meditation aids or cushions they prefer, toiletries, and
any medications they may require. It’s also advisable to bring a notebook and pen for journaling or taking notes during sessions.

Will meals be provided during the retreat?

Yes, wholesome vegetarian meals will be provided throughout the duration of the retreat. Please inform us in advance if you have any dietary restrictions or

Are there any specific guidelines or rules to follow during the retreat?

Participants are requested to adhere to the schedule and guidelines provided
by the facilitator to ensure a harmonious and productive retreat experience. This
may include guidelines regarding silence, respectful behavior towards fellow
participants, and punctuality for sessions.

How do I register for the retreat?

To register for the retreat, please visit the Atmabhan Academy website or
contact us directly. Early registration is recommended as spaces may be limited.

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