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I always believed that criticism doesn’t solve the challenge. How can I contribute to solving the challenges in the educational system?

In 2012 I devised powerful training modules based entirely on Neuro Linguistic Programming for the 3 pillars of educational ecology viz.

Since then I am conducting the training workshops for these segments

With a promise to cover all the elements that our education system is not covering and still remain to strengthen the process of the best possible personal development of the next generation.

I strongly believed that parents and teachers need more education as they need to unlearn a lot of things. Whereas children are quick learners as their mental slate is blank.

This exciting concept, the training modules and the prices that we have kept everything is coming from the future.

When we work on a future idea in the present, the challenges are bound to be there.

I am committed to this cause of strengthening the educational system and keep supporting with a revolutionary edusupport system devised, designed and delivered to the vital pillars of the system.

This franchise business model in NLP training is already an established phenomenon here. We have been evolving over time. Each day we are progressing with our experiences.

There are numerous people wanting to build a full-time career in the field of training and development. Being a leading player in NLP training in India, we are sure to bring on board talented new men and women who are ready to work as a team and take this mission ahead.

We are committed to creating a powerful team of NLP training who have the vision to transform India. Change is gradual but definitive. Transforming the next generation with holistic personal development.