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The moment I ask a simple question, “What is LOVE?”

I get the most bizarre answers.

LOVE is Devine
LOVE is Romance
LOVE is Sacrifice
LOVE is Pure
LOVE is Happiness
LOVE is Concern

Everytime I hear these, I feel LOVE has been in the hands of politicians, conspirators, beaurocrats, hippocrates, insane and fools.

The most manipulative, exploitative, extractive tool in the hands of human race IS LOVE.

This culture and bollywood especially made a mess of this powerful emotion. I am saying this culture because this culture couldn’t differentiate between LOVE and FAITH. When LOVE is glorified as FAITH, life is going to be a mess. For centuries this culture has continued to be in a mess.

If you consider the actual truth Whereas LOVE is just another EMOTION and stop philosophising it, the simplicity of the concept also becomes true.

I think we have called everything LOVE, WHEREAS there are different emotions which may describe various levels of emotional connects and may be the level of connect which we feel within us for certain person or thing.

Few words which are not to be synonymous to LOVE but still used as that are


These words have no connection with the emotion as powerful as LOVE but people perceive these words and emotions attached to these words as LOVE.

The glorification of LOVE is when it is used synonymously as


What if we take the emotion called LOVE as LOVE and that’s it.

Then only we will realize how real and pure LOVE is.