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Training is a continuous learning process in which the trainee will acquire knowledge, enhance professional skills and improve attitudes and behaviors to excel well in a life. It refers to the teaching and learning activities carried on for the primary purpose of helping someone acquire and apply the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes needed for a particular job or situation. Training helps the trainees to become aware of their level of understanding, capability, and skills and then enables them to improve them as per the future growth plans. It’s the continuous process which enhances the trainee as a person.

Train The Trainer Program is the perfect platform for transformation. It enables trainees to be totally self-reliant to build a business empire of their own in the field of “Education & Training” and “Learning & Development”. Today trainers or subject matter expert (SME) instructors need help to be more effective when facilitating training. Taking the process a bit further TRAIN THE TRAINER certification ensures an individual has demonstrated competency in the essential skills needed to get results in the classroom.

Some Astonishing Facts:

  • US training and development market stands at as a 100 billion USD of which 70 billion USD attributes to corporate training. In India, it is less than 1 billion USD. This is despite the fact that the US has only about one-fourth of India population.
  • For instance, US corporate spending on L&D was negative during 2008 and 2009 world economic recession. Since then, it has been growing over 10% YOY.
  • The US spends on training and development is 15% of its employee spend – which is one of the highest. So is the case in most advanced countries.
  • India training and development spend is just under 1 Billion USD per year.
  • India Skills sector is expected to become an over $20bn market opportunity yearly.
  • Currently, 90% of the jobs in India are skill-based, a sharp contradiction to the current figure of only 6% trained workforce in India.
  • Currently, the Indian system has the capacity to train only 3 million youth against 12 million entering the labor force annually.

India is just 1/10th of US economy. Statistics say India education/training market is poised to be a 100 billion dollar market by 2030. The growth is bound to be exponential. This comes from the fact that India is one of the fastest growing economies and such an economy always demands highly skilled workforce. The backbone of the growth of any economy is its learning and development mechanism. The most researched fact-finding in this space will be – What is the ideal set of training & learning mechanisms to be in place. This points to unprecedented demand for trainers and training infrastructure in coming years.

From the numbers, it is quite evident that training is not just important but vital to the growth of any organization. The organization has to know what is the current situation with respect to L & D and strategize their training accordingly. One way forward is to identify the ever-changing needs of your business in terms of the strategic plan of the organization and its current workforce. Following up with research is the action plan for the training strategy and once that has been completed, focusing on the training goals.

Having well-defined training strategy for an organization not only benefits the organization but also brings about personal growth for the employees. The major benefits of training include:

  • Improved productivity and adherence to quality standards.
  • Employees develop skill sets that allow them to undertake a greater variety of work.
  • Improved ability to implement and realize specific goals outlined in a company’s business plan.
  • Increased ability to respond effectively to change.
  • Improved morale of the company which reflects with better customer satisfaction and in turn increase in the market share of the company.
  • Reduction in inefficient use of time and company resources, employee attrition and recruitment costs.

The industry in the country is majorly focused on the corporates and the exponential growth expected outlines the need for a great trainer. An exceptional trainer should be able to strategize the training, Facilitate Learning, motivate participants, present with utmost confidence and charisma and bring about positive transformations in participants.


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