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Mere Affirmations lead only to illusions whereas SMART Goals give you action pathways to instantly move on!

The more I go deep into STATE VS GOAL/OUTCOME, the more I realize how and what makes NLP the science of excellence!

People are struggling with their minds to keep the flow of positive thoughts, therefore, negative state becomes a challenge.

AFFIRMATION is like a pill which doesn’t cure but gives you temporary relief from negative flow of thoughts. The relief stays until the state of illusive affirmation stays. The moment you are out of the illusive #STATE, the real life really comes on you even with pressure and aggravates stress and paralyzes actions. Eventually you prefer to be under the influence of AFFIRMATIONS.

Ask any addict, they prefer the addiction over actions. Resulting in to destroying self.

If you have worthwhile goal and a busy mind and body in actions, you need not AFFIRM but take more actions to bring dreams into reality.

If AFFIRMATIONS were so powerful the entire universe would have only done that.

Find LASTING solutions, start taking charge of mind, brain and body through actions which will create more actions and this continuous wheel of actions will bring series of results along with the real mastery. ASHVIN