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“The mental, emotional and physical energy, force, focus, speed that we apply while doing things, brings the power to the results!”. ~ Ashvin Deshpande

We employ our resources for taking actions. The basic resources that we humans have are, mental, emotional and physical resources.

The most important aspect to be considered here is the “Four Elements” about these resources. Those are energy, force, focus and speed.

What is doing things powerfully?
For me it is employing the human resources at work with a specific energy, force, focus and speed. The results are directly proportional to the amount of human resources put to use with the intensity of the essential four elements to it.

The massive utilization of the human resources with the same massive employment of the energy, force, focus and speed would lead to massive results.

Now let’s consider an example.

“The Karate Chop to break a brick”
The expected employment of mental, emotional, physical human resources, with optimum or more energy, force, focus and speed.
The expected result is “Breaking the Brick”

You already know what is taking action and what are getting results. Just picture a person employing the human resources with its four elements weakly, softly, less than required what would happen, the result would never come. Correct!

Now let’s generalize this for everything that we do. Remember, exception to the rule is also true.

NLP precisely makes you consciously aware as to how to utilize human resources viz. Mental, emotional and physical resources in every context and how much. As the dynamism of human has taught me, sometimes, human beings can work smarter to get massive results by employing least human resources.

Ashvin Deshpande, a veteran International NLP trainer, transformational coach, keynote speaker, author and the founder of Atmabhan Academy makes sure that you master this process of thinking and taking timely and corrective actions. Simply dedicate some hours of your life to the exhaustive and life changing training sessions with Mr. Ashvin Deshpande and witness your life transform in no time!

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, take your first action NOW with NLP!