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Each one of us is on this exciting journey of life, where we are constantly in pursuit of self-discovery, growth and fulfilment in life. On the way, we face a lot of challenges, questions and at times, even doubts on our abilities and capacities to perform well. It is, therefore, very important to note that we are consciously or unconsciously unaware of our REAL capabilities. This blog article is an effort to become consciously aware about our REAL capabilities and build the strategies to expand our capability horizon.

Capabilities could be technical competencies in our professional field, as well as ‘soft skills’ such as the ability to adapt to the new, fluctuating situations. Competencies and skills guide behaviour through a personal strategy. It is important to determine our values, set our goals and strive to modify our capabilities, and push ourselves forward all the time.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a science that has developed a model called the logical level of NLP which helps us achieve success in all the spheres of life. The NLP Logical Levels, in simple words, is a valuable tool for organising your thinking, gathering information, communication, and understanding human consciousness better in a specific context to be aware of our capabilities. It also forms an interesting and excellent framework for self-life coaching.

We all know about Benjamin Carson, one of the most influential Neuro-Surgeon, politician and an author but only a handful people know what his childhood was like and how he hated books! Imagine, an author hating books in his early days! So, what changed him and made him the man he is today?

He was a little kid in 5th grade who was perhaps considered the dumbest kid in the class. His mother, on the other hand, realised that he wasn’t reaching his full potential and his capabilities, so she set some ground rules for her son to follow very strictly. The kid, as a result, not only started but also continued to be on the path of growth and became an academic leader in his school, later a neurosurgeon and an author!

Just like Benjamin Carson, we all have untapped and unexplored capabilities within us, for various contexts. We just need to believe in them and follow a disciplined way to utilize that capability fully in a given context.

Talking about NLP, capabilities according to NLP refer to the knowledge range of a person, the skills required to complete a particular task and the competencies of a person. To discover each level of the hierarchy, the below questions are asked:

  1. How specifically?
  2. How specifically do you do it/don’t do it?
  3. What specifically are your capable of?
  4. What specifically are you (not yet) capable of?

NLP explores the relationship between how we think (neuro), how we communicate both verbally and non-verbally (linguistic) and our patterns of behaviour and emotion (programmes). NLP helps to sharpen your observation and enable you to identify patterns in people’s behaviour and language so you can respond to the subtext of their communication and identify your capabilities and hidden potential and work on it.

Mr. Ashvin Deshpande, veteran NLP trainer, and the founder of Atmabhan Academy makes sure that you master this process of questioning, redefining, creating and practising. Whenever you are stuck in life and going through a crisis or simply confused about capabilities, dedicate some hours of your life to the exhaustive and life-changing training sessions with Mr. Ashvin Deshpande at Atmabhan Academy and witness your life transform in front of your eyes!