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“Thinking is like dreaming, you want to it to last longer” ~ Ashvin Deshpande

How much time do you spend on thinking?
Just a bit, a lot, may be sometimes the entire day, days, weeks, months, years, sometimes a lifetime.

Is there any concept called, “Optimum Thinking”?
Is there any concept called, “Optimum Thinking Time?”

The concept of “thinking” is very subjective. Everyone has his/her own concept of thinking and also the time dimension connected with the same.

Here in this blog, I am committed to the dimension of “time” related to “thinking”. Therefore, it is very important for me to define “Optimum thinking”.

“Optimum thinking” is when a person internally feels enough of thinking about a specific topic, context, task, outcome, result. This is about how much data, information, one sucks before he/she feels enough of thinking.

As you read this, you will relate every word that you are reading here to your personal life, I know that. Just keep doing the same. Think about what are your criteria of optimum thinking. How do you decide enough of thinking?

Let’s take an example.
The thinking is about “doing homework”
I might not even think about the same, will go ahead take actions, just do it.
Mr. B will think about doing homework and not doing homework as well and then may be do it.
Mr. C will think about doing homework and not doing homework, the consequences about both the situations, and then may be do it.
Mr. D will think about doing or not doing homework, the consequences about both the situations, plan to still escape, avoid, finding excuses, and still go on thinking about it.
Mr. E will keep thinking to infinity and still get confused.

You must be realizing that the fate of the outcome, task, action or result depends on the amount of thinking and the optimum time given for the same.

Now when it comes to every life situation, how do you process the dimension of “time” related to “thinking” and how do you decide about the “optimum thinking”.

NLP helps you compress or expand the ‘time’ sense. NLP can also give complete awareness about the “optimum time”. When both these things are clear and aligned in your neurology, your life takes a very powerful direction where you start achieving things in no time and sometimes years before you can think of achieving the results.

Ashvin Deshpande, a veteran International NLP trainer, transformational coach, keynote speaker, Author and the founder of Atmabhan Academy makes sure that you master this process of thinking and taking timely and corrective actions. Simply dedicate some hours of your life to the exhaustive and life-changing training sessions with Mr. Ashvin Deshpande and witness your life transform in no time!