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No, it would never! Instinctively humans are Curious and no matter what they face they never leave to be that. That’s the reason, we are constantly progressing.

So now the child turns to the other acquaintances in a Q mode. These acquaintances are even worse, they start avoiding the child.

At the same time, the child gets his new world….SCHOOL! Now he has teachers, peers to explore his curiosity with. Soon it understands that these children it’s peers are also not good enough as they are all going through the same phase of life. Some of them become “Explorers” whom the child calls friends.

On it’s own or with the Explorers group the child approaches teachers in a Q mode. Teachers ask the child to shut up and focus on the books.

Now this child has no where to go.

The entire world is not answering it’s curious questions.

Steadily the child starts feeling is it wrong to instinctively behave or I have to adopt something else. May be this world wants me to be only busy, engaged, engulfed into some nonsense.

Since the parents are So busy, they have been handing over their mobile phone to shut his mouth, to keep him engaged, to get rid of him. Now this instrument is also handled with curiosity. In the process of games and you tube, the child understands to explore the smartphone.

This can go anywhere as the Curiosity is exposed to an infinite opportunity.

The child can become a game addict and we loose a genius.

The child can become counter productive of learning and passing time becomes the habit. Entertainment becomes the only priority.

The child can become addict to anything if exposed to internet in the process of exploration.

As the child grows, he or she can become prey to several other offers spread all over internet.

The curiosity of a genius mind was not utilized properly, not channelized. The origins of ordinary, aimless, unnecessary behaviours are planted by us.

This child becomes a defeated mind since the time when his curiosity was destroyed.

What should happen ideally!

The child requires quality time of parents.

The Parents must nourish the Curiosity of children by answering each of their question with absolute patience. The Parents should allow children’s curiosity to blossom.

The children must be taken to parks, zoo, aquariums, planetoriums, various museums, tourist places, on jungle treks. The children must be taken to all the relatives wherever the relatives are. This will nourish the human curiosity the Best. This would also enhance the human understanding. The emotional development at it’s BEST is possible.

Going to mall, showing movies, handing over the smartphones to children are not the options, remember, they may lead to massive personal loss to the child.

Let’s nurture CURIOUSLY ALIVE, VIBRANT new generation.