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Curiosity is such a source of energy which would enrich you like nothing else in the world.

Curiosity is The Secret of conserving your most precious SELF I.e. the CHILD in YOU.

This natural gift or default mental ornament with which we are born is actually destroyed during the early stage of LIFE of a human these days.

Curiosity has 5 receptors of the brain to help during the early childhood. The Parents are waiting for The Ultimate HAPPY moment of their life when the child will speak.

Right from the birth of a child, parents are desperate to see the child walk. After the child begins to walk they feel very excited initially but as the child starts running, their reactions start changing. Within a very few days they start feeling, can we compel this baby to sit in one place.

Human life is full of contradictions.

Now the desperate wait is for the child to speak. The moment child starts speaking, initially for almost 6 months, parents encourage the child to display his new found talent on every platform. As the days go by, the 5 receptors are not enough to satisfy the Curiosity, the child starts utilizing his new found talent, he starts asking questions.

Wow! Parents are completely unaware of the “INFINITE NATURE OF CURIOSITY” they flaunt about the talent of their child as to how BIG questions are asked by their SMALL baby.

The child is inspired. More questions follow. Steadily initial heat of excitement goes away. The constant “Q” mode of this child becomes a challenge for the parents.

The only way this challenge can be handled is to ignore the child. But the child has already felt that to be in “Q” mode is his fundamental right. And on top of everything, the worm of Curiosity has become BIG.

So the child wants to pull the attention of it’s parents by hook or crook. Here comes a stage of repentance(temporary though) for the parents. Oh my! how to put this instrument called the child in Silent mode from the Q mode.

Here starts the conflict of patience and curiosity. The child is instinctively going to be curious and the parents instinctively are going to be impatient.

The first stage is a humble submission that parents have to do 10 more tasks, my dear child, you must learn to engage into your own self or your own way.

The child has no option, it gives a try and the Curiosity worm brings it back to parents.

The 2nd option comes into play, “SHOUT” on the spouse not on the child, to take the child away.

The child in a shock goes back. Tries to figure out what must have happened, doesn’t get an answer, goes back and curiously asks,”what happened, why did you SHOUT?”

That’s the end of the physical distance. The so special, Dear, Jigar is tukda gets the first slap of LIFE.

Bewildered the child goes back, crying. Thinks for a while, as the pain of the slap subsides, comes back and asks curiously, “why did you HIT me?”

Now the tension is so high. Parents decide to create an environment of constant pressure, stress, terror for The child so that it would not go into Q mode.

Does it kill the Curiosity of the child?