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“Thinking is convenient, but actions bring results” ~ Ashvin Deshpande

Is thinking important?

Yes, of course! Thinking is very important. Thinking is creating. It is only if we think correctly, structure our thoughts, get clarity that we can take proper actions. We are brought up in a culture where an important value was imbibed in us, “Think before your Act”.

This is the point where I would like to bring your attention. Wisdom tells me that “Thinking” is very important and “Actions” are also extremely important. Rather, for a successful person, the optimum mix of these parts about bringing a specific “Result” is very important.

As I was travelling the path of my life, I observed that many people treat these as two different things, separate sets and therefore, create an unnecessary divide in the minds. They feel that unless the “thinking” is complete in all its aspects, “actions” cannot be initiated. This is a myth, a misunderstanding, right?

Too much of logical structuring of the thoughts then become the highest priority. Out of this obsessive compulsion then some people dedicate all their energy in the thinking process. They keep thinking to infinity. The urge of thinking increases for them with every thought they get engrossed in the never ending journey of thoughts. Since all the orientation of the mind is “thinking” and the necessity of completing “thinking” is prime-concern, steadily the person starts enjoying the process and then gets carried away.

“Actions” are kept on a hold as “thinking” is yet to reach its own dead-end. Since it’s a “stuck” situation and life is flowing in its own nature. This actually leads to vacuum, emptiness, lethargy, lack of movement, etc.

Too much of everything is a poison. Think about it. Thinking is important but merely thinking would not bring results, actions are very important.

Thinking in a specific direction of our outcomes, results. Plan, structure everything about the future event. Defining the set of actions, the sequence of the actions and the fixing the timeline of a specific task is important. As this is done, start taking massive actions the way the course was defined. You would be surprised to see how quickly you start changing the situation as the results start pouring in.

Let’s, therefore, start saying that, “Thinking before, during and after the actions is important”.

“Actions” without “thinking” brings chaos, futility, meaninglessness to life. As an individual, we must find a balance between the thinking and actions. As the speed of life in increasing, the close coordination of these two faculties has become all the more crucial.

In this fast paced world, where important decisions are taken with a blink of an eye, it becomes very difficult and tedious to take the right actions in a stipulated amount of time. So what can reshape our thinking that will help us to take actions in the right direction? Well, the answer is NLP.

Neuro Linguistic Programming is a generative and creative science that helps one to think in the right direction and take necessary actions that bring about guaranteed “results”. NLP has transformed lives of many people giving them a sense of direction and purpose in life.

Ashvin Deshpande, a veteran International NLP trainer, transformational coach, keynote speaker, Author and the founder of Atmabhan Academy makes sure that you master this process of thinking, being motivated and taking timely and corrective actions. Simply dedicate some hours of your life to the exhaustive and life changing training sessions with Mr. Ashvin Deshpande and witness your life transform in no time!