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Now is the time to make the lemonade you always wanted to make from the lemons life has thrown at you, a big giant lemon called COVID-19!

As we all know, India is now going through an unprecedented lockdown phase for 21 days and we understand how bogged down you are by sitting at home, engulfed by your thoughts. So, instead of making your empty mind a devil’s lair, you need to focus on your mind. You need to engage your mind by doing some activities. You can make the most of each and every day by doing something constructive; you can use this opportunity to learn new things, build new skills, explore different hobbies and build up your life in so many ways!

A caution for all you readers, as this disease has caused a lot of ruckus for every part of world, it is best to stay at home and not roam around unnecessarily. When you are told to stay at home, remember, it is for your own safety and security and that this is the best choice for you, me and everyone.

Just to cheer you guys up, I have listed out the following 7 things you must do for maintaining a positive thrust in life:

1. Practice Yoga & Meditation:

We know that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so why not form a good one? This period is perfect to get that back in shape. Of course, this is simply to keep your body healthy and not blindly follow any supermodel or influencer. If you’ve been thinking of getting fitter, take up yoga or Pilates. For peace of mind, you can always count on meditation. Meditation in these times is what trains your mind and makes it alert, more focussed and calmer.

2. Read books:

Reading books always sharpens your mind, brushes up your vocabulary and also gives you a taste of the other world. Apart from being a great entertainer, this can be a wonderful way of using your ‘me-time.’ It will not only enhance your knowledge but give you a dash of fresher perspective. Also research says that reading books can make you a more sensitive, empathetic and smart in general.

3. Listen to music:

If music is your jam, then use this time to listen to new upcoming artists, or relive your nostalgia and listen to the old ones. Music has always proven to have a calming effect on people and this lockdown can make people stressful and anxious. Always keep listening to music and focus your energy and attention towards it. Who knows, you may even compose a song once this is over!

4. Spend quality time with your family:

Office goers have this complain all the time that they cannot spend much time with their family, especially if they have children, old parents and pets. Well, this lockdown has bestowed upon them ample time to spend with their family. There are so many adorable videos of people’s family members like their babies or pets not allowing them to work from home because they want your utmost attention! Cherish this bond and show them how much you love them!

5. Play indoor game:

You develop an exciting connection with people when you play fun games with them! Be it with your family, your friends (virtually) or strangers, games are an important bonding activity. Indoor games are a great way to start communication between two people and rekindle the competitive and fun environment in a family. It gives room for showing one’s true self and appreciate and motivate others.

6. Watch online videos:

Several reputed companies are offering wonderful online courses. The courses range from self-development, public speaking, animations and graphics, writing a novel to technology and everything in between! You can simply login to renowned courses from Udemy and Atmabhan Academy and let your inner student out.

On the other hand, top media production companies are producing entertaining web series ranging from thriller to comedy to romance to biopics. There are so many places to check them out like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Zee5 and others.

7. Attend Ashvin’s online training programs:

Lockdown periods are such grave times when an untrained mind can collect a lot of negativity and anxiety, leading to more serious cases of stress and depression. Ashvin Deshpande is here to help you by offering you a chance to become successful in life, by training your mind and becoming conscious and aware of every life choice you make.

Don’t forget to subscribe to an incredible online course – Life Transformation Bundle by Ashvin Deshpade from Atmabhan Academy and help yourself GENERATE the life of your dreams! Stay safe, stay blessed, stay positive and stay successful!