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If you have been trying to build meaningful connections with people around you but fail to understand how to accomplish it, then this blog is for you. Read on to know how the following 6 NLP Mantras can help you build rapport with anyone and everyone:

1. Respect the other person’s model of world:

Every person is unique in this universe. We as individuals experience the world around us in our own way, therefore, it is imperative to remember that we are totally different. Generally, we do not think beyond ourselves and therefore, we perceive the world as we are and project the same on to others. In the process, we forget to respect the other person’s model of the world. Rapport is where people like people who are like them.

2. Behaviour and change are to be evaluated in terms of context and ecology:

Everything is context and ecology driven. That means the behaviour displayed by you and the change of behaviour is also driven by the context and ecology. The moment the context or ecology changes, the behaviour can also change.

The moment you start matching the context and ecology your internal resistance vanishes and that creates super rapport.

3. Resistance in a client is a sign of a lack of rapport:

There are no resistant clients, only inflexible communicators. Effective communicators accept and utilize all communication presented to them. Verbal and non-verbal communication presented to you is the source to define the scope of rapport building method. The possibility of establishing the connect opens opportunities to build rapport just like that.

4. People are not their behaviours (Accept the person, change the behaviour):

What happens in our routine life is the moment we do not like certain behaviours that are displayed by others, we avoid the person. Rejecting the person cannot be the solution. Accept the person, change the behaviour. Rapport becomes easy the moment you think of accepting the person.

5. Calibrate on Behaviour – The most important information about a person is that person’s behaviour:

First understand the difference in calibration and observation. Observation is where you get maximum information about the person and calibration is comparing the behaviour of the person in various situations. This would give you a lot more information about the person to build the rapport.

6. Communication is what response you get:

In any communication only speaking would not give you results. You must listen to the feedback. Observe the feedback. That is where you would start realizing that communication is what response you get.

Ashvin Deshpande, a veteran International NLP trainer, transformational coach, keynote speaker, author and the founder of Atmabhan Academy intelligently makes use of these NLP presuppositions to help you construct valuable rapports with almost anyone or everyone!