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As the saying goes, “It is very important to give those desires the attention they deserve.”

Our internal communication with ourselves is solely focused on the concept of ‘wishful thinking.’ In your life, you’ll come across various phases where you will end up thinking that your life is in the permanent defocus mode thus complicating your relationships, your financial status, your social image and other spheres of your life.

If you’re at crossroads, you can ponder on the below 5 questions which can help you highlight the difference between what you desire and what you deserve and also help you to take from what you to desire to what you deserve:

1. Whether what you desire is possible to be achieved as a human being?

You need to contemplate that whatever you desire and think about is plausible and attainable as a human. For example, you cannot work on desires like immortality which works against the idea of nature. Your desires need to be practical and should be achievable as a human being.

2. Can the desire be converted in to a SMART GOAL?

Now that you’ve thought and finalised that your dream can be achieved as a human being, you have to think whether that dream can be converted into a smart goal. A smart goal is the end result of the desire. You need to design a strategic end goal and consistently work towards it.

3. Do you have the physical resources to work on this goal?

Talking about achievability as a human being, and converting it as your smart goal, you now need to identify the resources that will assist you in this process of achieving that desire and turning it into reality. You need to make a note of all the physical resources like man-power, capital, time, technology, raw materials etc.

4. Can you access the mental resources to achieve this goal?

Along with physical resources, there comes another type of resources, at times a more powerful resource, called the mental resource. The reason why it’s more powerful can be given through an example – A passionate person with a will power and a positive mind will make sure that even a group of lazy people will be motivated to do some work. The person with proper mental resources can inspire the people around him/her to be a better version of them each day which is very rewarding. Hence to attain that goal, you need to be mentally equipped as well.

5. Do you feel your emotional resources are enough to make this goal a reality?

Emotional range of a person can vary from situation to situation, but given that this is your deepest desire, do you feel that your emotional resources are sufficient to bring it into reality? Are emotions the only driving forces of your life or you need to back it up with something solid?

The above questions are just a personal reality check for what you desire, and after answering them sequentially you’ll finally then understand the difference between what you desire and what you actually deserve and how to bridge the gap between the two.

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