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“Realized! I was so busy looking outside, I never looked within” – Ashvin Deshpande.

I was once asked in an interview by the panel to tell me about myself. As soon as this question came, it hit me that, “Oh! I am such a fool!”. Apart from my name, my address, and various details about me which were actually there on my resume, do I really know anything else about me?

You all must be wondering now, what comes under “anything else”. In order to decode the structure of your personality, you need to know what makes “YOU” you. Each person is different from the other, isn’t it?

Now the question comes “how specifically?”

As I brought the power of NLP in my life, I realized how exactly am I different. How exactly are 7 billion people unique individually? What is the difference that makes a difference! As compelling as this thought is, ask yourself do you really know who you are?

Here are 5 signs you Really don’t know about “YOURSELF”

  1. Sign #1- You don’t know Your Internal Representation

Has it ever occurred to you that you live a situation mentally before actually living it?

Every bit of information that your brain processes after your 5 senses bring it, is displayed internally as a picture, symbol, or a mental movie in a particular context. This is IR.

  1. Sign #2- You don’t know your STATE

Have you ever thought why do you feel whatever you feel in a situation?

The ongoing sensory and IR experience of a human being at a specific time and in specific context is called their STATE.

  1. Sign #3- You don’t know your Physiology

Have you noticed why your shoulders bend while upset and why your chest puffs while happy?

The way your body functions in a particular context is your physiology.

  1. Sign #4- You don’t know your psychology

Ever wondered why do you get only negative thoughts in one situation while it is the other way round in another situation?

The way your mind functions and thoughts and emotions flow in a particular context is your psychology.

  1. Sign #5- You don’t recognize your behavior

Have you ever noticed the way you walk; the way you stand or the way you move?

Each “set of actions” that you perform is called as BEHAVIOR.

This is displayed by you to the context of internal and external environment. The behavior is totally driven by your IR, your STATE, your PHYSIOLOGY and your PSYCHOLOGY.

Being able to define who you are is what makes the difference. Being aware about the inter-link of your neurology will guarantee excellence and success for you.

When YOU are aware, YOU may initiate changes in YOU, until then YOU are PERFECT!” – Ashvin Deshpande.

Transformation awaits, are you ready?