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Sure there are many things that we would all like to go back to (or maybe not) but the striking reality is that it’s just not possible, what is gone is gone and that moment will never return.

Leaders always follow the principle of, “Here and Now”. It is indeed important to be here and now. Living in the present is the key to unlock the doors of success and fulfilment. Everyone knows this, but without their conscious notice, people eventually bring their past as a point of context.

It is often believed that our life is a consequence of the actions taken in the past, which is true to some extent. But this formula can be reversed with the help of NLP. By strategically focusing on the present, you can nullify or rectify the past actions in the present condition.

Many-a-times, people fail to acknowledge the fact that they are living in the past. They live in a pretentious and a fake world and develop an IR which is a complete counterfeit from the reality.

Is the ghost of your past still haunting you? These five signs would surely help reveal to you if you’re still tied up to your past:

1. You like to do what you know:

Change irks you and you like to do what you’ve always known, the reason being, you are comfortable doing the set routine work and are unwilling to change or experiment. You like to conduct activities that you had learnt long back and you are disinclined to think differently or learn new things as it makes you disappointed if it doesn’t work out.

2. You prefer to be with the people you are well acquainted with:

You are in this self-made cocoon where meeting a new person itself is a big task for you. You dislike going out and socialising and if ever you go, you cling on to that one person with whom you’ve attended the gathering in the first place. It becomes exhausting for you to tell new people the same old story about you and so you prefer people you already know and are comfortable with.

3. You prefer the same environment or known environment:

Newer places scare you as you aren’t aware of the surrounding, the culture, the people, food etc. which makes you homesick sooner than the rest. As the diversity of the place creeps you out, your mental and physical health deteriorates. Your sleeping patterns change and you tend to have no clear direction of your life because your thoughts are scattered.

4. You eat the same type of food:

As much as we don’t give our olfactory and taste buds the credit, they actually tell a lot about a person’s personality and mood. If you’re still stuck in the past, we tend to think of the past resulting in our actions and desires to revolve around the past, for example eating the same old food simply because it reminds you of that moment in the past. New smells can make you uncomfortable and queasy.

5. You listen to the same music always:

Music has always been a haven for many and there are many who like a certain genre of music simply because discovering other music is just too exhausting for them. They like the comfort in their plain old music and other kind of music feels very discomforting and harsh. A common example can be seen in old parents while listening to new age songs.

The bottom-line is, nobody can go to the past and stay there, we’ve got to evolve and move on and that means adapting yourself in the current situations, because when you adapt, you thrive!

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