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As a core philosophy of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Presuppositions or Mantras are relevant for the use of NLP in various business situations:

1) Communication is what response you generate:

All sales negotiations, contracts, employee management, meetings, necessarily test your calibre as a communicator. You are expected to take up the advanced review of the outcomes that you want from the other person, plan what you want to communicate. Rehearse well before whether you would get the desired outcome or not. The amount of work that you put in the structuring your communication as a responsible leader, your ratio of successful outcomes would start increasing.

2) All procedures should be designed to increase wholeness:

When you go to any government office in India, the first response you get is, “Sir, the procedure must be complete”, and this leads to nowhere. Sadly, these turn out to become hurdles and obstacles. Those procedures shouldn’t become a hurdle; instead, they should become a system, a system that should connect, and get the job done and achieve the outcome, and this is very important in life.

Therefore, to simplify your leadership role, always pre-define the work processes for your organization and inter-personal exchanges in order to create a sense of wholeness for you and others.

3) All procedures should be designed to create choices:

Rational people will never choose to doom themselves. People would always make the best choices from their point of view, which may not always seem to be ideal externally, for example, choosing to eat junk over your greens. Although not every mistaken choice is made deliberately, rather it is bounded by their rationality, for instance, if somebody has to choose between two things ‘A’ and ‘B’ but the benefit for ‘A’ is that it is easily viable to achieve; hence that person will surely go for the best of the two.

4) Law of requisite variety: The person with maximum resources and flexibility, rules the system:

You might’ve seen in Bollywood movies where the lady of the house is a pauper, yet manages to feed every person of the house. Have you ever thought about how she handles the house with so little resources?

Hence, it means that once you start thinking you have limited resources, it leads to poverty or poverty leads to minimal resources, there can be all kinds of poverties like emotional, financial, mental and so on. Hence, if you want to succeed in life, you need to have enough variety, and as every person is unique in his/her way, they have different and unique laws of variety. Hence, the law of requisite variety works for people who want to take charge, become winners and leaders. You need to explore and discover new choices and continue to work differently and creatively until you reach your goal.

5) People have all the resources to succeed in life:

The only thing that is stopping us from achieving our goals is our limits that we place on ourselves. The depth of our abilities and infinite knowledge and wisdom seeped inside us make us very powerful. We need to realise our potential and overcome our limits in order to succeed and enjoy life instead of cribbing over the possibilities.

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