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We all wish to achieve abundance in our lives and are also making genuine efforts to achieve the same. But are we really successful in attaining infinite abundance in our lives? Have you ever tried to discover the right methods to become infinitely abundant? This blog reveals the 3 NLP mantras that help you achieve Infinite Abundance:

1. You are in charge of your mind, and therefore, your results:

Your life turns towards infinite abundance the moment you realize that you are in-charge of your mind. You take the responsibility for each of your thoughts and actions.

We should have an internal frame of reference. Whenever we are evaluating any of our life situation, rather than looking out, we must look within.

2. There is no such thing as FAILURE, only FEEDBACK:

We destroy our own chances of succeeding the moment we construct the belief that your outcome is “FAILURE”. We stop experimenting, we stop thinking in multiple ways, we get into the tunnel vision of “FAILING”.

Rather than doing this, if we start looking at the situation as a “FEEDBACK”, we widen the scope of outlook and start thinking about the same in various dimensions and ready ourselves for more options to experiment. Infinite Abundance is the outcome of your multi-dimensional thinking about experimenting.


The system/person with the most flexible behaviour will control the system. If you are doing the same thing in the same way and getting the same results, the situation would never change for you. Instead, if you have multiple ways of executing the same thing or set of actions and behaviour, you can start finding different results.

My personal experience about implementation of these NLP Mantras is achieving Infinite Abundance. And so can you!

Ashvin Deshpande, a veteran International NLP trainer, transformational coach, keynote speaker, author and the founder of Atmabhan Academy intelligently makes use of these NLP presuppositions to help you achieve unlimited abundance in every sphere of life!