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Have you ever imagined why your experience of a specific incident is different from others? How specifically do we, humans, exhibit different behaviors for a similar stimulus that too in the same context?

You are exposed to 11 million bits of information per second. Human brain can process only 128 bits per second out of these 11 million. You take in information from the external environment which is then processed by your brain and dictates the behavior you exhibit.

Now, the question is “How do you select YOUR 128 bits from the 11 million available?

According to NLP communication model the information is processed by some filters in our neurology. These filters are the root of your selection and deletion process.


How do you know it is time to wake up everyday?

Or, how do you estimate the time required to do a specific task?

Time filter is your sense of time and the timing that you capture for doing things.

  1. Space

How do realize somebody is encroaching your personal space?

Your sense of personal space, geographical space and universal space is your space filter.

  1. Matter

Do you know that most of the times you think materially?

Matter filter is your understanding of your body and all the physical things around you including the non living objects.

  1. Energy

Check right now, whether or not you are at same energy levels 24×7?

A person’s concept of physical energy, mental energy, emotional energy and universal energy is their energy filter.

  1. Language 

Your quality of language decides the quality of your thought!

The language that you use to perceive the information, to express and to understand acts as your language filter.

  1. Memories 

Memories are completely related to your past.

All the events that you have mentally recorded in your life consciously or unconsciously

You respond to a present situation by drawing on your memory, thus filtering information eventually.

  1. Decisions

How do you pick what is best for you in a given context.

Decision is the choice you make consciously or unconsciously out of all the alternatives available.

  1. Meta programs

Ever wondered how do you specifically plan for some activities and in some cases instantly react to it?

Your definitive, predictive behavior for a stimulus in a specific context.

  1. Values

How do you differentiate between right and wrong?

The ethical, moral code of conduct that you have acquired and practice.

  1. Belief

How do know the sun has set?

How do you know the earth is round?

How do you know that something is a truth for YOU?

Everything that YOU hold to be true and have complete faith in it.

  1. Attitude

Can you identify when are you positively or negatively inclined towards something?

Your inclination towards positive or negative thinking in a specific context is your attitude.

All these filters assist and govern you in picking YOUR 128 bits of information from the environment. Some of them are doing wonders for you, what about the rest?

Can it be changed? Is transformation possible?

In NLP the answer is always YES!