Train The Trainer- 5 Masteries in One Go!

Train The Trainer Program

is the perfect platform for transformation. It enables participants to be totally self-reliant to build a business empire of their own in the field of “Education & Training” and “Learning & Development”.

Today trainers or subject matter expert (SME) instructors need help to be more effective when facilitating training. Taking the process a bit further, TRAIN THE TRAINER certification ensures an individual has demonstrated competency in the essential skills needed to get results in the classroom.


– You are already a Successful Person. You understand what satisfaction and peace mean, therefore, you would be interested in the TRAIN THE TRAINER Program.

– You are ready to Transform your LIFE being a Trainer. Think about this concept called, “Edupreneur”. You need hand-holding to stand into this business of training.

– You want somebody to train you, you want somebody to model, you want somebody to give you a readymade platform, you want to have hands-on experience to understand the entire process of becoming a successful person in this field.

– You know the advantages of continuous learning and development. You are more than set to “Unleash Your Passion” to reach out to help individuals from all walks of life. Your passion needs your personal support to emerge to be the best in the field.

– You are at the right place at the right time. You will decide now to be a part of the most successful “Edupreneur” grooming program in Asia. Atmabhan Train The Trainer Program is the best package for you.
– You have the confidence that you decide and deliver, therefore, you strongly feel from within that as a Training Professional, you can “Walk the Talk”. To implement this you keep exploring here to know about the dates of Train The Trainer.

– You would love to get in touch to transform somebody’s career, to improve their relationships, to empower them to make better choices in their life, to assist them to be “self aware”, to equip them to take charge of their future, to transform them into WINNERS.

Atmabhan Train The Trainer
Training Excellence


  • “Winners Challenge their own Potential after every Performance.” – Ashvin Deshpande
    This is the philosophy behind every action that has been a driving force for everything done at Atmabhan Academy, Human Excellence Movement. The participants are enabled to challenge their potential and not just their performance.
  • Atmabhan Train The Trainer Certification is not just a workshop happening once and leaving people on their own. This is a One Year Long Success Partnership with individuals to groom them into successful Trainers and Edupreneurs.
  • The T3 is packed with the best possible fusion of eastern and western philosophies. This is one program where we train, coach and mentor each of the candidate until they achieve their goal.
  • We believe everyone has all the potential to take up their passion as the career. They deserve to be successful in every sphere of their life – personal, professional, social, spiritual, family and financial. We enable this through the recognized and established technology of excellence called NLP i.e. Neuro Linguistic Programming.
  • We train you, give you a model, give you a readymade platform, and provide a hands on experience to understand the entire process of becoming a successful person.
  • We build the confidence in you that you can decide and deliver, therefore, you strongly feel from within that as a Training Professional, you can “Walk the Talk”.
  • The highly experiential format of the workshops, one to one coaching and mentoring sessions with the masters, follow up monthly meetings give you the grounding to find yourself every time. This is going to literally transform you at your core being. It leaves behind a permanent mark and you leave for home a happier, more confident, more focused person with the commitment to “challenge your potential after every performance to be a REAL WINNER.”


• Overview of the Training Industry
• Discover “YOUR Being”
• Challenges of the Profession
• Setting the Entrepreneurial Path
• Credentials are IMPORTANT
• The MIND Matrix
• Synchronizing with the Outcomes
• Dimensions of Learning
• Design Structure Modules
• Activity Defining & Sequencing
• Belief & Values of Audience

• Meta Programs
• State Management
• Charisma Stance & Physiology
• Behavioral Congruency
• Art of Story Telling
• Voice Culture
• Using Abstract Thinking
• Learning the Art of Reframing
• Sense of Utilizing Humor
• Maintaining Constant Group Rapport
• Setting Anchors for Individuals and Groups

• Art of Utilizing Metaphors
• Managing Participant Learning
• Challenge Audience – Questions
• Handling Difficult Trainees
• Lasting Finishing Touch
• Training Need Analysis
• Structure & Design Modules
• Synching with the Management Motives
• Effective Training Delivery
• Setting Post Training Feedback System


You would have to start preparing at least 50 days prior to the first day of the Train The Trainer Program. You will be assisted thoroughly throughout the process by our Coaches and guided in the best possible manner to stand in compliance with the evaluation system led down by us.

We will evaluate your performances on 32 pre-defined parameters, divided into 5 sections, which will be shared with you at the beginning of preparation along with the
detailed marking system. The parameters cover all the core competencies of a GREAT TRAINER.

The final grade that you would get would be based on the marks that you get in the overall evaluation.
The “Pass” grading system will work as follows:
80% or above – HIGH PASS.
60 – 80% – PASS
60% or below – NO PASS

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