I have worked for 9 years in Dubai, Middle east, European professional environment. I was heading a pretty large corporation as a safety auditor. I am an electrical engineer. Before joining NLP practitioner by Ashvin sir I was in a dilemma whether to stay back in India and start my own venture or go back. During the NLP practitioner there was sweeping transformation in my thinking process, attitudes, vision about my future. Everyday I kept on getting new and new inputs, strategies, plans so powerful that I practically went through a metamorphosis.Today evening that is the 6th day of my practitioner I have complete clarity about human behaviour, my future, my family’s future and the whole goal setting is complete because of Ashvin’s coaching. Personally I got rid of my “Zandu balm” (preposterous) habit. I have better relationship with my family and life is just beautiful. Ashvin means his “Transformation Guaranteed”

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