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is Now Online….

Yes, you read it right! The most advanced NLP Training Course in the country, the “5G NLP Practitioner Program” conducted by Ashvin Deshpande is now online!

📅 21st July to 30th July 2020
⏲️ 2 PM to 5 PM every day

10 Days | 3 hours everyday | Online
Unfold the Hidden Potential of your Unconscious Mind….
5G NLP is like a “Manual” of your Unconscious Patterns handed over to you! When you have the Manual to your Hidden Potential, what heights do you think you would be achieving in Life?
What Ashvin has developed is a step-by-step process to help you Create the Blueprints of:
– Thought Generation
– Language Generation
– Behaviour Generation
As you Grow, other’s around you also Grow….

Our experience tells us that most of the people interested in learning NLP have a burning desire to attain proficiency in utilizing NLP techniques for transforming self and others. They strongly wish not only to bring great results for themselves but also create a better future for the people around them.

Smoothly transition through Awakening, Attain Wholeness in Life….

Keeping “the basic human instincts” on the forefront, Ashvin designed this Training Program to help people dive deep into “Core Human Interactions” and successfully transition through Awakening and Generate Wholeness in life. According to Ashvin, the Journey towards Spirituality starts with SELF!

✔️ 10 Sessions of 3 hours each
✔️ All sessions will be conducted & facilitated by Ashvin Deshpande
✔️ All sessions will be conducted via Zoom Conference facility
​✔️ Highly interactive format: you can raise your hand, ask questions, express remarks
​✔️ High-value Training Material prescribed by Globally Recognised NLP Certification Bodies
​✔️ Home-Assignments after each session
✔️ ​Assessment will be done based on the overall performance, participation during the practical sessions and sincerity towards completing the assignments given

Key Take-Aways for People who have taken this Training Program:


People Found their True Identity & Purpose


Learnt to Overpower Any Situation & Come out "Winner"


People Started Generating the Results that they want from LIFE


People Achieved Career & Leadership Excellence


People Overcame Relations Challenges


People Overcame Stress & Lead a Life full of Choices


People Started Reading others like an open book


People Structured their Thoughts, Language & Behaviour


People Conquered Negative Memories / Fears & Phobias


People Installed a Brand New Software for their Brain


People started Changing their own Habits in matter of minutes


People Built a Successful Career as a Coach / Trainer

Experience Ashvin LIVE during his Upcoming NLP Practitioner Certification Training

📅 21st July to 30th July 2020
⏲️ 2 PM to 5 PM every day

10 Days | 3 hours everyday | Online

“NLP with Ashvin has changed my life upside down! What I had set as my Goal for 1 year during the training, I have achieved it in 8 months! If you want to generate exponential growth in your life, this is a MUST DO for you”

Srinivasa Raghavan,
General Manager, Tilak Nagar Industries

Investment Structure


Normally, each person pays Rs. 60,000 (plus GST) to enrol into Ashvin’s 5G NLP Practitioner Training & Certification Program

Millions of Thanks to Technology!

The same Program, same Outcomes, same Value

is made available at a nominal Price on the online Platform

Since you are dedicated to Transformation and desire to UNFOLD YOUR TRUE POWERS, only for you….

The Rarest Opportunity:
Get this Course @ Rs. 14,999 ONLY!
(FLAT 75% OFF!)

✔️ No Hidden Charges
✔️ No Extra Fee for Certification 

Two Certification in One Go!


Yes, you read that Right! On Successful Completion of this course, you will be certified from two globally recognised NLP certification bodies! American Board of NLP (ABNLP) & The Generative NLP Board (TGNLP Board). You will be entitled as a Certified Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming.

📅 21st July to 30th July 2020
⏲️ 2 PM to 5 PM every day

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