Why NLP EDGE PRACTITIONER – Access Higher Potential

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Experience Demonstrate Gain Enhance (EDGE) Access Higher Potential – is for Everyone to access the tools and techniques for Excellence.

When we decide to access a new set of knowledge, right kind of take off is a vital step. We believe to take you through a rich EXPERIENCE for the process of transfer of NLP knowledge and application.

The depth of learning and speed of assimilation of NLP techniques, the efficiency with which you would DEMONSTRATE various skills yourself, can be a surprise for you.

The biggest GAIN is the frequency with which you are exposed to NLP Practice through your classmates and trainers that makes a world of difference.

It is Easy, fast and effective to ENHANCE your life with an ability to access your higher potential on personal and professional front.


The NLP EDGE Practitioner Program is designed and delivered by Ashvin & Rajesh in such a manner that it provides the participants all the essential know-how, skills and environment to become effective NLP EDGE Practitioners. We at NLP EDGE Practitioner Program believe in experiential learning, participants will practice to grasp and utilize basic language patterns, physiology and the neurology to consistently GAIN unconscious competence with the strong foundation of NLP tools and techniques.

What’s in it for YOU at NLP EDGE –Access Higher Potential?

♦ The universal power to challenge to your POTENTIAL.

♦ “Atmabhan” i.e. Self Awareness, a never before knowledge about your own self allowing you that direct access to your own Higher Potential.

♦ Get the Remote Control of YOUR EMOTIONS in your hand, forever.

♦ Technology to influence others smoothly and consistently.

♦ Tremendous change in the quality of maintaining relationship and managing them on personal and professional front.

♦ This interactive world wants you to be a great communicator. Access and establish yourself as one of best in this area.

♦ You will be able to reach out to the desired state first and then Peak Performance state, at your own will.

♦ Condition YOURSELF for higher performance way ahead of time and be resourceful all the way.

♦ Enjoy the PERSONAL FREEDOM by conquering limiting beliefs.

♦ Remove bad memories, phobias, fears from your life.

♦ Become a Source to Transform others.

The 5 Day Journey at NLP EDGE Practitioner Training

An Introduction to NLP

♦ Defining Neuro-linguistic Programming

♦ The History of NLP

♦ Presuppositions of NLP

♦ The NLP Communication Model

♦ Principles for Success

♦ Setting Well-Formed Outcomes

Improving Sensory Acuity

♦ Increasing Your Sensory Awareness

♦ Sensory-Based Language

♦ The Learning State

Submodalities for Change

♦ Eliciting Submodalities

♦ Changing Beliefs

♦ Swish Pattern

♦ Fast Phobia Cure

Representational Systems

♦ Visual, Auditory, Kinesthetic

♦ Preferred Rep Systems

♦ Predicates in Rep Systems

♦ Eye Accessing Cues


♦ Matching and Mirroring

♦ Pacing and Leading

♦ Indicators of Rapport

♦ Instant Rapport

♦ Group Rapport


♦ Keys to Anchoring

♦ Steps of Anchoring

♦ Building Resource Anchors

♦ Collapsing Anchors

♦ Chaining Anchors

♦ Moving from Procrastination to Motivation


♦ Programming of NLP

♦ Modeling

♦ T.O.T.E. Model

♦ Strategy Elicitation

♦ Buying Strategies

♦ Motivation Strategies

♦ Love Strategies

♦ Learning Strategies

♦ Designing and Installing Strategies

Language Patterns

♦ Linguistic Presuppositions

♦ The Hierarchy of Ideas

♦ Agreement and Negotiating

♦ The Milton Model

♦ The Meta Model


♦ Context Reframing

♦ Content Reframing

♦ Six-step Reframe

♦ Parts and Positive Intentions

♦ Parts Integration

♦ Negotiating

NLP Model of Therapy

♦ Putting it all Together

♦ Scope of Practice

♦ Excellence as a Practitioner of NLP

Changing Personal History

♦ Organization and Storage of Time

♦ In Time and Through Time

♦ Elicitation of the Time Line

♦ Changing the Time Line

♦ Releasing Negative Emotions

♦ Releasing Limiting Decisions

♦ Installing Future Goals

At NLP EDGE, in the first two days you would Experience the NLP fundamentals. You would set path for a better understanding of the basic systems. Ashvin & Rajesh use experiential learning methods and the philosophy of “Inner Game of Tennis” by Timothy Galway while taking you along the journey.

The next three days Rajesh & Ashvin prepare you for the next three stages of NLP EDGE learning i.e. Demonstration | Gain | Enhance. You would be able to take the know-how and techniques of NLP to a conscious learning experience and simultaneously through demonstrations you start setting up the unconscious competencies for NLP topics referred hereinabove.

As you start discovering the true meaning of “Uniqueness” as a human, you understand the differences that are making the difference TODAY and also the differences that would make a world of difference in FUTURE.

On the 5th day, post lunch, all the participants would take up the PROJECT WORK and MODELLING WORK. Here Rajesh & Ashvin have a customization learning approach whereby you can specifically get an NLP EDGE in your profession.


On the 5th day, on showing enough competence and demonstrating required assimilation of NLP Skills, you are certified as NLP EDGE Practitioner.

Simultaneously you also become a member of NLP EDGE PRIVILEGE CLUB for a complete one year.

You get following benefits as NLP EDGE PRIVILEGE CLUB MEMBER

Access to online NLP Resources developed by Ashvin and Rajesh on BLOGs.

Complete Assistance after the Course Completion for sharpening the NLP EDGE.

Access to the NLP EDGE BUDDY MEETINGS organized by us at various locations across India for practicing Experience | Demonstrate | Gain | Enhance