NLP Master Practitioner Training at Atmabhan

Even at the TOP there is scope for Accessing Higher Potential!

Being an NLP Practitioner, you have already traveled a long way to the pinnacle. Here at the TOP, Do you still find scope for “Accessing Higher Potential?”

The answer to this question is definitive “YES”

Then you are invited to join the team of Masters at NLP EDGE.

Get Super NLP EDGE through NLP Master Practitioner Training Workshop. 8 Super Days of life, full of excitement, energy, learning, discoveries, accessing treasures within and without YOU.

“If You can lead Yourself, You can lead others”

When one commits himself to Human Excellence Movement, he/she has to focus back on his/her storehouse of memories containing the “Beliefs” and the pictures, the way he/she sees himself/herself i.e. “Personal Self Image (PSI)”.

Our understanding of our own being, our desires and our dreams sets the path of our behavioural patterns, at both the levels, conscious and unconscious. When you understand these patterns, which are the driving forces, you can bring incredibly powerful changes in your life.

With a firm commitment to the “Human Excellence Movement”, Ashvin believes that “Leaders are the most capable specie to make change happen in this world.”

NLP Master Practitioner is the only program in India today, which has the power to build you super strong on the NLP fundamentals, groom real NLP practitioner in you and to transform you into a superior “Change Enabler”.

If you are looking out for a very practical, experiential training workshop for applying advanced techniques, NLP Master Practitioner will give you the real hands on experience.

We are often discussing about the personalities who could turn around the organizations, personal lives, etc. If you are equipped with tools to reach out to your personal as well as people’s beliefs and values, you can also have all those “Magical Powers”.

NLP Master Practitioner Certification is one of the most “Value Driven” Training Workshops in the NLP world today. This is an in depth Training Workshop which embraces the core of NLP, NLP Practices and Applications, NLP Modelling in motion and New Code NLP in the context of becoming a “ TRUE CHAMPION NLP PRACTITIONER”

Get Super NLP EDGE through the Super Contents

Anyone who wants to develop his NLP skills and become a True Champion NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner with Atmabhan is about imbibing the fundamental principles upon which the entire NLP structure is standing.

NLP EDGE believes, every participant must be able to develop his/her own NLP Techniques and models. Therefore, it is very important that we understand the core of NLP is “Modelling”.

Bring Super Focus in the process of Super NLP EDGE

Experience gives you a realization through observation and firm belief in the process of transformation, which eventually proves to be an advantage for modelling.

Demonstrate with ease, advanced transformation processes with individuals and groups, this process helps you to assimilate, inculcate and master implementation as “YOU”.

Gain insights and confidence in the modelling processes, utilise advanced linguistic rules and procedures. This is the core for transformation of Personal Self Image (PSI)

Enhance yourself to be an influential personality for transformations, to design and deliver NLP presentations.

Practicing, The Super NLP EDGE

♦ You would participate in all experiments, exercises, demonstrations,

♦ You would be doing number of projects, case studies

♦ You would be receiving and giving feedback,

♦ You would be coaching,

♦ You would be a part of Group Discussions,

♦ You learn modelling skills by modelling various techniques and patterns being demonstrated rather than just following the ritualistic processes step by step

♦ You would just move to be an elegant NLP practitioner at the skill level applying the NLP magic way before the client notices.

Know your Super Outcome from Super NLP EDGE

♦ Developing “Unconscious Competence” for practicing NLP knowledge and application for maintaining the Super NLP EDGE

♦ Master the processes of “NLP Modeling” to get that Super NLP EDGE in YOUR Personal & Professional Life, forever.

♦ Access and imbibe the skills to recognize the driving elements of the unconscious behavior.

♦ Mark your intention to become proficient in NLP, “Personal Super NLP EDGE”. This is specially to discover your “Personal Breakthrough”.

♦ Become an effective and efficient “Change Enabler” for self and others.

♦ Want to build a career in NLP as an EXPERT.

♦ Want to become an NLP EDGE Coach.

♦ Earn BIG bucks and Maintain a steady flow of INCOME through NLP EDGE Coaching.



NLP EDGE reserves the right to approve and certify the Entry Requirements for NLP Master Practitioner Training Workshop. Nevertheless, NLP EDGE would verify the copy of your NLP Practitioner Certificate, the same must be submitted to Atmabhan before admission.

Project Work & Assignments

Your Certification is the Super Outcome you are looking forward to, that the Sharp and Super NLP EDGE is achieved. This would depend on the following Project Work & Assignments

♦ Completion and Presentation of Super NLP EDGE Project on “NLP Modeling”

♦ Presenting your “Personal Super NLP EDGE” a special task on personal breakthrough

♦ One Super NLP EDGE Demonstration

NLP Master Practitioner Training Workshop at an Exotic Location