NLP Practitioner Delhi

13-08-2017 to 17-08-2017

9:00 am

NLP  Practitioner Delhi

Globally Recognized NLP Practitioner Delhi, Training & Certification

Access Higher Potential, through NLP EDGE.

Get an EDGE at whatever you DO!

Install unconscious competencies with NLP.

Get trained in NLP through NLP Maestro Ashvin. NLP EDGE is a way to “Learn NLP to Practice NLP”.

Get special advantages to be an NLP EDGE, Access Higher Potential alumni.

Advantages NLP Business & Leadership Practitioner Delhi Workshop

Gain control of life

Learn to use language with greater precision and grace, with self and with others

Set powerful outcomes/goals in life, and strategies about how to achieve them

Start own successful businesses or increased their business results

Get clarity with respect to the top Values that are driving their lives, and get a new direction in life

Understand YOUR Core Beliefs (Rules of success) that are driving failures and success in YOUR life, and redefine YOUR success criteria to live a happy and meaningful life

Resolve conflicts within YOUR businesses, and in personal life

Overcome frustrating barriers in YOUR personal and business relationships

Gain greater confidence to explore and move towards YOUR dreams

Increase YOUR earnings

Eliminate Limiting beliefs, and set powerful beliefs

Learn how to create instant rapport with others

Improve YOUR Public Speaking skills

Increase Business Sales

Get skills to influence others

New Delhi
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