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What is Coaching? :

In today’s complex and uncertain world, we all are faced with situations which may be challenging and demanding.

Credentialed Coaching is a professional contract between a Coach and a Client where by following a thought provoking, creative and systematic process coach helps the client to

♦ Articulate the current situation

♦ Identify and clarify the goal and desired outcome

♦ Generate possible solutions and strategies to overcome the challenge

♦ Agree on the actions and accountability

With this process client is able to identify resources to handle the challenging situation.

A Credentialed Coaching Process is the most professional way coaching needs to be executed.

NLP Training Classes – Atmabhan Academy

Why do Individuals & Organizations Need Coaching?

"All achievements, whether in the business, intellectual or spiritual world are the results of definitely directed thoughts....."

For someone who is:

♦ Facing a challenge in professional world with colleagues

♦ Wanting to accelerate the results

♦ Wanting to identify choices or direction for life

♦ Having a challenge with work – life balance

♦ Wanting to identify the limiting beliefs which may be stopping them from growing further in life

♦ Looking to start a new career

♦ Wanting to delve deeper and identify their core strengths and how best to leverage them


A certified professional coach through his wisdom and structured coaching process, makes the client self aware, by helping them identify different perspectives and help them in any of the above mentioned situations or many more such personal & professional life situations.

With a structured coaching process clients are able to change their outlook on work-life, many areas of leadership and are able to move to next step in their career.

How ICF Certified Coaching is Special !

Coaching, is no more a new profession in India.

There are numerous Professional Certified Coaches credentialed from International Coach Federation in India.

More people, who are not credentialed from any international body label them as coaches with variety of specialization tags.

Therefore, choosing a coach is a big time challenge for individuals as well as the organizations.  Atmabhan Coaching stands out in the crowd for many reasons.

Atmabhan Coaching is special in many ways.  The First reason being, Ashvin Deshpande is qualified as Professional Certified Coach from International Coach Federation and he is also Certified NLP Master, therefore, qualified as NLP Coach as well.

Therefore, Atmabhan has a very unique approach for "One to One Coaching" as well as "Group/Team Coaching".

Ashvin Deshpande has more than 2 decades of Corporate Business Experience and 2000 hours of "One to One" Coaching Experience.

As far as the "One to One Coaching" contract is concerned, we scrupulously follow the International Coach Federation Guidelines.  The typical contract would involve all the stakeholders.  The Coaching Contract can be either for 6 or 8 or 10 sessions, depending on the accomplishment of decided outcome.

For the "Group/Team Coaching" assignment, we conduct the "Need Analysis" first. After having reached to a specific "Group Outcome", then we go on to decide about the "Coaching Interventions" in order to reach to the desired outcome.

Using the techniques of powerful questions, if required, combined with NLP and hypnotherapy we commit to Transformation Guaranteed with 100% results and money back guarantee.