Atmabhan Business Associate

Atmabhan Business Associate

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Atmabhan Business Associate is a fabulous opportunity to become Business Representative of this World-class Brand. Whether you are a Trainer or not you can become Atmabhan Business Associate.

This Business Opportunity comes with maximum Return on Investment in shortest period of time.

This Business Opportunity comes with reasonable investment.

This Business Opportunity brings peace and fulfillment.

This Business Opportunity gives you an avenue to help people for betterment and growth.

The Business Opportunity develops you in personal, professional, spiritual, social, financial and family sphere.

We are looking out for men or women aged between 30 to 50 with or without zeal towards training but an essential inspired soul for earning big money and help us establish Brand Atmabhan in various parts of the country.

Atmabhan Business Associate will be an authorized representative to conduct Atmabhan’s Trianing & Coaching Business in his designated geographical area.

Atmabhan Academy is a leading training & coaching brand in India.  We have various retail and corporate training programs with us. There are a lot of Freelance Trainers, small training institutes spread across India to cater to the local market.  Even if you are not a trainer, you can join our Train The Trainer Course to become one and then decide to represent Atmabhan Academy in your geographical area.

Now here is an opportunity to become Atmabhan Sales Channel Partner, be our authorized representative at your location and add value to your business.

Atmabhan Academy conducts the following Retail Training Programs

NLP Practitioner Training Workshop

NLP Master Practitioner Training Workshop

Train The Trainer Training & Certification Workshop

In addition to the above retail training programs which we or our representative organizes, we have a complete variety of corporate training and coaching programs.

Atmabhan Academy Founders are International Coach Federation Certified Professional Coaches and NLP Masters.

Now just follow the link and become a proud representative of Atmabhan Academy in your geographical area.