Atmabhan is a Sanskrit word, which means “Self Awareness”. If you can lead your “Self”, you can lead others. The eternal truth is, life’s journey starts with, “Self”.

Atmabhan is a premium NLP-based training institute in India back-boned by NLP Maestro, Ashvin Deshpande. We bring with us a training experience of over 23 years with over 3 lakh lives transformed.
Through our NLP Training Coaching methodology comes Atmabhan and that is when we can say “Transformation Guaranteed”

NLP i.e. Neuro Linguistic Programming is the most authentic route for “Atmabhan” and “Life Mastery”. Therefore, we embed NLP in every training program that we conduct, NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training Programs, Train The Trainer Program and Coach Training.

Atmabhan stands out because we have a team of highly skilled and internationally qualified trainers that will guide you through your TRANSFORMATIONAL JOURNEY.

Atmabhan Academy Logo
Atmabhan Vision


To build the Human Excellence Movement through Training, Mentoring & Coaching.
To be World Leader in NLP Training Industry.


To build the Human Excellence Movement through Training, Mentoring & Coaching.


A Training, Mentoring, Consulting & Coaching firm walks on practicable, workable, implementable solutions. At Atmabhan the central idea has always been, “Walk the Talk”. The Core Values of the Trainers, therefore, become the core values of the Organization.

♦ Client Success

♦ Inspiring to Challenge Potential

♦ Peak Performance Always

♦ My Responsibilities = My Opportunities


Ashvin Deshpande

Ashvin Deshpande

Founder, Chairman

Ashvin Deshpande is the Founder of Atmabhan Academy. He is an international NLP Trainer, Coach and a member of the International Association of Facilitators. Ashvin is Certified by ICF (International Coach Federation) as a Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Ashvin has been transforming lives through his training and coaching for 23 Glorious years. He has contributed into more than 3 Lakh lives during his career. He has trained people from almost all sections of the society.

Atmabhan derives its philosophy and core values from all that Ashvin has been practicing over the years. Today, he and his team of coaches are rated at the highest level of NLP Expertise and Experience across the Globe. Together Ashvin and his team of trainers deliver, whole heartedly, an experience of more than 100 years of training excellence.

When training with Ashvin, be sure of a series of transformations and multiple times value for your time and money.

Yogesh Verma

Yogesh Verma

Internation NLP Trainer & Coach

Yogesh is an International Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) Trainer, Transformation Coach and a Clinical Hypnotherapist.
He is one of the very few in India trained and certified by the Founder of NLP, John Grinder, Carmen Bostic St Clair (Founder of New Code NLP) and Michael Carroll (Director, NLP Academy UK).

Yogesh brings with him a dynamic and cheerful personality and his charisma reflects his passion of TRANSFORMING lives across the globe. He has built himself working with various corporates across India on Training & Development. His target is to Empower and Transform people with an Enthusiasm to drag people to different, more evolved and magical possibilities.

Yogesh has been associated with Atmabhan for the past 5 years as an NLP Coach along side his Guide & Mentor, Ashvin Deshpande. He is Atmabhan’s Business Associate for the Northern Region of India and our most Talented and Dynamic coach.

Arrpita Banerjee

Arrpita Banerjee

Certified NLP Practioner & Coach

Arrpita carries with her an experience of over 5000 TRANSFORMATIONS, dealing with people’s problems and solving them in roles as a coach, counsellor, Trainer & Guide.

She is a certified NLP Practitioner, Transformational Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist and Career Consultant. She has been guiding people from many areas of life towards the path of fulfilment, empowerment and resourcefulness. Her cliental includes teenagers, couples, entrepreneurs, fashion designers, and professionals from all walks of life. She has been a celebrity coach and trainer for the Bengali Film Industry.

Atmabhan is Proud of Arrpita being the pioneer in spreading the knowledge and application of NLP, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, in Eastern India and our Business Associate there. Her primary objective is to “re-design the minds” of people across the globe so that they are coaxed towards living extra-ordinary lives and to experience their full potential in their respective fields.

“The Atmabhan Team of Coaches is always expanding, just like a family of closely knit people.”