TTT Certification: Train The Trainer Training: The “Edupreneur” Grooming Program by the Maestro Ashvin

TTT Certification: There are people who are willing to follow their Passion as their Career, and master the art of training, facilitating, entrepreneurship, leadership and maintaining dynamic personality.  All at one place, “Atmabhan Train The Trainer is a year-long Training, Mentoring & Certification Process” which we call, “The Edupreneur Grooming Program”.  Become a complete professional through TTT Certification.

There are people who are attracted to the field of training, influenced because of the glamour, money and success of other successful trainers.  The will is very powerful. The decision to follow passion breaks with a thought of running an independent business over a secured job.  Transform your thinking to get a final break-through to achieve all that you dream.  “Atmabhan Train The Trainer Training” is your final destination to be a successful, “Edupreneur”

Most Train the Trainer programs run in the world primarily, to sharpen participant’s public speaking skills, presentation skills, communication skills and to develop charisma.

Atmabhan’s TTT Certification is “The Edupreneur Grooming Program” is the most authentic Train The Trainer Training & Certification program in India.  This one Train The Trainer Certification is enough to master skills of Training, Felicitation, Presenter, Entrepreneur.  Become a successful business person. Atmabhan Train The Trainer Training Workshop has seen people from all walks of life:

Students, Teachers, Professors, Trainers, Executives, Business People, Homemakers, Performance Coaches, Professionals from the domains of HR & Software, Sales & Marketing, Public Relations, Customer Relations, Engineering, Education.