Atmabhan Train The Trainer | Training & Mentoring for One Full Year.

5 Days of Residential Training Workshop 

1 Day Follow Up Training Workshops in the 4th, 8th and 12th Month

One to One Mentoring & Coaching with the Master Trainers Ashvin & Rajesh.

♦ You are already a successful person. You understand what satisfaction and peace mean, therefore, you are interested in Train The Trainer.

♦ You are ready to transform your LIFE being a Trainer.  Think about this concept called, “Edupreneur”.  You need hand-holding to stand into this business of training.

♦ You want somebody to train you, you want somebody to model, you want somebody to give you a readymade platform, you want to have a hands on experience to understand the entire process of becoming a successful person here.

♦ You know the advantages of continuous learning and development. You are more than set to “Unleash Your Passion” to reach out to help individuals from all walks of life.  Your passion needs your personal support to complete this Train The Trainer Training Workshop.

♦ You are at the right place at the right time.  You will decide now to be a part of the most successful “Edupreneur” grooming program in Asia.  Atmabhan Train The Trainer Training & Mentoring Program is a full year package for You.  Just go and enroll, leave the rest on us.

♦  You have the confidence that you decide and deliver, therefore, you strongly feel from within that as a Training Professional, you can “Walk the Talk”.  To implement this you keep exploring here to know about the dates of Train The Trainer.

♦ You would love to get in touch to transform somebody’s career, to improve their relationships, to empower them to make better choices in their life,  to assist them to be “self aware”, to equip them to take charge of their future, to transform them into WINNERS. Join Atmabhan Train The Trainer Training & Mentoring Program!


If you’re ready to experience dramatic and permanent changes in your life and have absolute clarity of goals, flowing confidence and power to unleash your passion then you would find yourself attending Atmabhan Train The Trainer Certification one of the most powerful and recognized Atmabhan Academy Events.

Atmabhan Academy alumni are always enthusiastic to share that the training workshops are the best they’ve ever attended – and for good reason. This is because every minute of this remarkable Train The Trainer training workshops is designed to facilitate powerful transformation.

Building over four decades of learning, practice and experience, Ashvin elaborates easy-to-understand principles, powerful transformational exercises, compassionate coaching and inspiring manifestation throughout the Train The Trainer training program.

This highly experiential format of the workshops, one to one coaching and mentoring sessions with the masters, follow up workshops in the 4th, 8th and 12th month give you the grounding to find yourself every time.  This is going to literally transform you at your core being. It leaves behind a permanent mark and you leave for home a happier, more confident, more focused person with the commitment to “challenge your potential after every performance to be a REAL WINNER.”

Whether you want to choose your career, take your career to the next level, improve your relationships, take charge of the emotions, maintaining good health, achieve financial independence, enjoy, become a more happy and peaceful person — or even if you want to train others who need these powerful skills— our live events are the most extraordinary trainings you’ll ever experience.

What’s the BEST? Ashvin  Deshpande is so committed for the results through his work that if the Train The Trainer training falls short of your expectation or you feel the training is not right for you, he will refund all your money……That’s a guarantee for your becoming a “WINNER”.