The Only Train The Trainer Certification which is fully equipped with NLP Technology for Trainers.

Contents of Atmabhan Train The Trainer Certification

♦ Presentation & Facilitation Skills, 

♦ Training Need Analysis,

♦ Module/workshop Design and Content Development,

♦ Post Training Feedback, 

♦ Readying YOU to Launch Yourself as a Professional Trainer

You have a chance to be a “Powerful Change Enabler”! Over a 5 day Atmabhan Train The Trainer Certification

We will very carefully train you, guide you and assist you to imbibe all the necessary skills and resources to transform you into a thorough professional trainer while interacting with people from all walks of life.

We ensure that whatever is the size of your audience, you will be able to transform lives like never before.

Whether one to one, a small group, in hundreds or in thousands, you will be able to deliver the same results with our tools, techniques, resources and training.

We have designed a set of world-class training input and skill set, it includes comprehensive training material, helpful presentation pointers, variety of forms, proven training methods and the important presentation skills you need to successfully incorporate our time-tested principles into any training situation.

What makes this Train The Trainer Certification Workshop, The Most Valuable Life Changing Career Investment?

We have ensured that this program would be “Walk The Talk” with experimental adult learning.

These principles are the outcome of 20 years of Ashvin & Rajesh’s interaction with thousands of people from all of walks of life on seminar platforms, keynote audiences, training workshops for teachers, professors, executives, managers, sales agents, sales leaders, school and college students, government employees, NGO people, business leaders, entrepreneurs, housewives, social club members, and others.

Through NLP interventions, we have helped people get a life-time relief from health challenges, distressed situations, weight issues, finding right relationship, get promotions, starting a new career, multiply their income.

The Awesome Personal Transformation Experience for YOU!

As you advance through the Train The Trainer Certification workshop, you will immerse yourself in to the transformations.

Five days learning is worth a life time learning as you will develop your unconscious competence to Experiment, Experience and Enhance.

These concepts would be as natural to you as breathing. Such is the power of Atmabhan Excellence principles, NLP, and host of other techniques and experiments.

You would feel more liberated, more confident, more enlightened and completely changed not only as a Training Professional but “Being Human” as well.

All the hesitations gone, a renewed excitement to accept new challenges, you have all the confidence to go into the future, not a chance that you will ever face disillusionment or confusion about life, with your new knowledge and wisdom, your vision is set.

You cannot be more focused, more oriented, more happy and more harmonized with people around you. You will imbibe the grace and ease to find your own excellence pathway.

If you are ready to unleash your passion, leave a greater impact on the lives around you and start earning big bucks, we would be delighted to be with you.

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