Performance Coaching by Qualified and International Coach Federation Certified Coach

At Atmabhan Academy our Qualified and Certified Coach, Ashvin Deshpande offers Executive Coaching Service.  Therefore, Atmabhan Executive Coaching is unique in many aspects viz. experience, wisdom, qualifications of the coaches but it is also important to consider that the coaching model on which we work is created and developed by us.  Performance Coaching is the key.

Contracting=> Redefining=> Creating=> Practice (CRCP) model:

Contracting involves

♦ Bringing complete clarity in the mind of the Client about the Coaching Process and the role of the Coach.

♦ Understanding current situation and the challenge.

♦ Setting SMART Goal.

♦ Building Rapport and deciding the timeline.

♦ Establishing Trust & Intimacy with the Client.

Redefining involves

♦ Helping the client to “Redefine” the current situation through visualization, metaphors, alternatives and bringing the awareness about the powers and resources that the client already possess.

♦ Bring out the underlined issues.

♦ Building a confidence in the client’s mind that he/she can handle the situation.

♦ Make the client feel energy and enthusiasm to explore more.

Creating involves

♦ As the Client has already started to look at the options, set the path of progress, motivate him/her to take action.

♦ Ensuring that the clients accepts accountability about the desired outcome.

♦ Work with the Client to create an action plan and help the client see, feel and hear the consequences of the implementation already.

Practice involves

♦ The Client has developed within him/her the awareness about the challenge and is ready to implement the action plan.

♦ As a Coach help the client to generate enough “Will Power” through inner strength and through a concrete support system so that implementation becomes a reality.

♦ With future pacing of the changed situation, provide support to client.

Typical coaching contract is between 8-12 sessions spread over 6-12 months depending on the client and issue to be addressed.