Entrepreneur Coaching, Do Entrepreneurs Need Coaching?

“Entrepreneurship is an innovative human act with an ability to create and build vision from practically nothing.”

Entrepreneur Coaching is meant for those who are working towards building their own successful business.

The process involves working together and using our experience to help in understanding :

Where your business is currently;

Why is it that drives you;

Evaluate what’s currently working and what’s not;

Identify relevant goals; and

Co-Create an actionable plan with defined milestones and checkpoints.

The One to One Coaching partnership is a combination of coaching & consulting, meaning that we use a coach approach to helping you build your business, while sharing our experiences and resources when they are in service to your goals.

Ashvin Deshpande with 20 years of entrepreneurship experience and having built multiple successful businesses, can help you with building your business from scratch or helping you to reach new goals for your existing business, using structured and proven methodologies. With this process we give 100% guarantee for results as part of the process.

Typical coaching contract is between 8-12 sessions spread over 10-12 months depending on the scale and stage of business.