Learn NLP to Practice NLP

This NLP Sales Training Program is a Professional Transformation for LIFE.  This is not any of these motivational capsule program or key note speaking.  This is the most practical, experiential, NLP know-how program where the Root Mantra is, “Learn NLP to Practice NLP”.  Excellence is therefore, compulsory.

Atmabhan Sales Master MIND….Reach to Riches is for those exceptional people who know only one expression, “WINNING”.

4 Day Workshop

Day 1

Taking Charge of Resources

Day 2

Becoming Proficient Negotiators

Day 3

Using Language of Excellence

Day 4

Crystal Clear Vision & Goal Setting

Who Participates

♦ All the people who are into Sales, Negotiating, Marketing Field,

♦Sales Representatives,

♦Sales Managers, Development Officers,

♦Sales Leaders, Team Leaders,

♦Sales Professionals, Agents,

♦Professionals like Doctors, Architechs, CAs, CSs, CMAs,

♦Entrepreneurs/Business Leaders