Atmabhan Leadership Development Training & Group or Team Coaching Programs are the most sought after Corporate Programs in India.  These Training Workshops are at Par Excellence.

We make sure that we are catering to the core need of the client.  The “outcome” is set initially and every action following that is aligned in such a manner that the client gets maximum Return On Training Investment (ROTI).

Reflective Leadership

Reflective leadership is where “SELF” is the center of universe. The “Self Awareness”, “Self Discovery”, “Self Mastery” are key words.  Being a leader is feeling “Self Presence” and reflect through personal experience with people throughout the day is the focus of Reflective Leadership.

This is a Two Day Full Time Training Workshop, creating absolute alertness among the leaders about the responsibilities of being a Leader.  The “Walk the Talk” becomes the focus and therefore, “Practice what you Preach” as a Leader becomes the Life’s Philosophy.