Entrepreneurship Training Program : Methodology

Training Schedule:

♦  At the beginning, 5 Day Full Time Residential Training Workshop at Lonavala.

♦ Total Four – 1 Day Full Time Non-Residential Training Workshops with a gap of 2 months.

♦ 1 Day Full Time Non-Residential Training Workshop at the end of the program to announce and celebrate the “Graduations”

Executive Coaching Schedule:

♦ Executive Coaching Sessions with Ashvin & Rajesh , total 8 in a year’s time.

Peer Learning:

♦ 3 Entrepreneur Peer Meetings……Once in every quarter.

The PROJECT must be completed within 12 Months.

Who Participates

♦ All aspiring and existing entrepreneurs who are passionate to unleash their dream of “Entrepreneurship”.

♦ The people who want to maximize their “Entrepreneur Potential”.

♦ The Start Up Entrepreneurs/Budding Entrepreneurs.

♦ The Entrepreneurs already in business but willing to build to the next level.

♦ The Successful Entrepreneurs to find new/innovative ways to become more successful.