Customized Corporate Training Programs for Organization Development

CUSTOM is a Process of “Tailor Made Service” for our Corporate Training Clients.  Ashvin Deshpande, Founder of Atmabhan has developed this process for the most “Out-put” driven training activity and ensuring maximum Return On Training Investment (ROTI) by the Client.

Core Need Analysis

Our Expert Team will visit the Client. Will make a comprehensive survey.  The Survey can be one to one discussions, group interactions, questionnaires, emailers, etc.  The Expert Team Atmabhan will also discuss with the stake-holders about the current need of training.

Once the findings of the survey are submitted, the finalization of the training need would happen.  Based on the most important aspects of the training need the next step will be taken.

Ultimate Content Development

The customized corporate training program has scope for specific content development as per the prevailing training need. The Training Module is the basic guideline on which the Trainer decides his entire communication with the Audience. The contents will also help us to finalize the process of training, the training rituals, the training games, the facilitation areas, etc.

Superb Preparation

By Preparation, we mean preparing the mind for the specific module.  The Trainer has be ready for the training, facilitation, presentation skills together. We choose the Best of the Trainer based on the Need of the Client, Competency of the Trainer, The other skills required by the trainer and yes, the Trainer who is most capable to bring the necessary transformation in the audience.  This will ensure the purpose of customized corporate training program is served.

Training to Transform

Atmabhan is very proud to use the tagline, “Transformation Guaranteed”.  This is the crux of our success journey.  Therefore, we make it absolutely sure that the participants go through “Transformational Experience” and at the same time get committed to utilize the training inputs in their day to day life in order to make the “Transfromation” actual reality.

Organized Evaluation

Only by delivering the training, our responsibility does not end, rather it starts from there. Therefore, Atmabhan has a very structured, systematic evaluation method about the effectiveness of the training, the practicability of the message, the process of implementation by the participants, the individual and organizational benefit post application is met, etc. This will also ensure, identifying whether some extra input is needed or not.  The strategy to meet the Return On Training Investment (ROTI) can be modified if necessary.

Measure Effectiveness

The customized corporate training programs must be measured for the effectiveness they leave post the delivery.  The Effectiveness measurement is useful both for us as well as the client. The time-line for measuring effectiveness is finalized here.