Ashvin is the Best NLP Trainer in India.  The globally recognized NLP EDGE is Neuro Linguistic Programming – Experience – Demonstrate – Gain  -Enhance.  This NLP EDGE is a proven process of excellence practiced by numerous people across the country and beyond today.

Neuro means the way we think.

Linguistic means the way we communicate.

Programming means the patterns of our behavior and beliefs.


Experience, the NLP techniques, tools and training in action, by a proficient practitioner in front of you, who are Best NLP Trainers India.

Demonstrate what you have learnt through modeling the Best NLP Trainers India has witnessed (the crux of NLP).

Gain confidence and keep practicing in order to get proficiency and eventually Gain an EDGE.

Enhance your life to next level i.e. program your mind by installing new beliefs.


Atmabhan Academy …..Get trained by NLP Maestro Ashvin Deshpande, the Best NLP Trainer in India.


Personalized attention to the real key to new learners, Ashvin are most appreciated by all our alumni for

♦ A very experiential and context specific training!

♦ Integration to your professional goals and objectives.

♦ Maximum Learning as we apply the principle  “Learn NLP to Practice NLP”

♦ Personal attention for each one of you.

♦ Small batch sizes.

♦ Best of peer learning and coaching experience.

Be a Winner with the unconscious competencies installed