Unique Feature : Atmabhan Entrepreneurship Development Workshop

“Atmabhan Entrepreneur Development Workshop” is a unique feature entrepreneurial training & transformation program.

Atmabhan means “Self Awareness” in English.  The first focus of this program is “YOU”.  Therefore, putting “YOU” at the center of the universe, we have designed “YOUR” transformational journey from “Any Individual Mind” to an “Entrepreneur Mind”. For this transformation the most advanced human change technology is available with us that is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP).

The next stage of grooming focus comes on various entrepreneurial skills.  Atmabhan through its years of research has a complete set of tools to equip with the core entrepreneurial skills to build the project and make it a sustainable one.

The third stage comes where, “Maintain The Show and Still Progress” becomes the entire focus.  For this crucial stage, the entrepreneurs need special personal as well as professional skills.

The Final Stage is “Expansion”.  How to strategize expansion?  What and Hows of this process will help the entrepeneurs to expand their horizons beyond their own imagination.

This program serves the training, consulting, coaching and mentoring needs of budding or start up entrepreneurs and/or the established entrepreneurs/SMEs or MSMEs willing to build and expand their business with world class systems into a sustainable endeavor.

This program helps to acquire the knowledge, skills, attitude, environment, teams and resources for realizing to be “SUCCESSFUL ENTREPRENEURS” with the help of NLP Techniques, Skills and NLP EDGE Methodology.

♦ Facilitate a business idea into a sustainable business.

♦ Define Clear Vision, Mission and core values of the business.

♦ Develop a real life and workable business plan.

♦ Learn & Master the technology of communication excellence.

♦ Take charge of marketing & sales functions.

♦ Get Right Teams to Lead for Right Directions.

♦ Maintain a resourceful state and not to fall prey to unwanted stresses.

♦ “Winners Challenge their own potential after every performance” A mantra for lasting growth pattern.