Ashvin Deshpande, Founder, Atmabhan Academy, NLP Maestro & Executive & Life Coach-PCC-ICF

Ashvin Deshpande is the Founder of Atmabhan Academy, the Human Excellence Movement.  Ashvin has contributed in people’s lives in many ways.  He is an International Transformational Corporate Trainer, An International Executive & Life Coach, An International NLP Trainer, Coach and Therapist, A trusted Mentor, A result oriented Hypnotherapist.

Ashvin’s specialty is his highest energy level participation in all that he does.  He has a down to earth approach.  He strongly believes in “Practice What YOU Preach” principle.  He has a very engaging style of interaction during his training workshops. His unique way of making people understand any issue through hands on experience whether a simple to understand issue or a difficult subject, make his programs extremely interesting and learn-able.

His approach towards Neuro Lingustic Programming is also completely application oriented.  Ashvin has customized NLP in almost every walk of life and his innovative contribution to the world of NLP is the process and practice of  “NLP EDGE” lifestyle.

Ashvin as a Coach ensures a transformational experience for the coachee and his clients include C’level Executives, Business Heads, Business Owners, Actors, Professionals,etc.  Ashvin could touch more than 215000 lives through the various roles in the field of personal & professional excellence.

With over 2 decades of live action, Ashvin is recognized as the top professional masters in the field of training & development.  His creative and out of the box approach has made him a successful entrepreneur.

Ashvin has authored 4 books on personal & professional excellence in life.  His upcoming book, SELFIE OF THE MIND is getting ready to be published.