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Everything can be transformed, situations, strategies, culture, and the most important, “Human Mind”.  Neuro Linguistic Programming is the science of transformation.

The NLP Maestro & ICF Credentialed Professionally Certified Coach Ashvin Deshpande, co-creates dynamic life with “Transformation Guaranteed” NLP Training Coaching Service.

At Atmabhan, Clients can begin anywhere – move anywhere – and maneuver seamlessly as required by them. Atmabhan’s approach generates an edge, speed, synergy, and the assurance of execution as per desired outcome of the client.

We remove blind spots, bridge gaps, and expose opportunity in the areas of your business that matter the most. Our success is measured by the actions of the client – actions that lead to the client’s desired future state.

Ashvin’s NLP training &  executive coaching methodology is goal oriented and action oriented hence it will always deliver “lasting change” which guarantees a much greater ROI. Choose Anything……..Start from anywhere.

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  • Mandar Mhatre

    (International Gymnastic Player/Coach, General Secretary of Gymnastic Association-Mumbai)

    From start to finish I felt the training was well designed and delivered. Ashvin & Rajesh knew the subject very well and I am happy to recommend the course to anyone who wants to become a trainer and wants to start with training business. I would use the NLP skills learned in the program to prepare focused players for Olympics.

  • Mrs Nyeha Mehrotra

    (Mrs Nyeha Mehrotra, A Finance & Banking Wizard from Lucknow)

    I am from Lucknow.  I have attended to April, 2016 batch of NLP Practitioner at Mumbai. It was a great learning experience. I could enhance on a lot of my personal as well as professional issues.  The life is now more clearer and I am sure to conquer the dreams on which I have been working on. This structured approach of Ashvin gives you a lot of new insights.

  • Kundan Kamble

    (Mr. Kundan Kamble is an HR Recruitment Head with an International IT Company with over 15 years of Corporate Experience, Mumbai)

    I have worked as an HR Recruitment Head in various IT & ITES Companies.  I have attended both the Training Workshops from Atmabhan,  The NLP Practitioner Training as well as Train The Trainer.. My experience is just awesome.  The way Ashvin takes up the program is just amazing. Ashvin ensures that all the nlp is wired through your persona and you can take charge of your life.  The 5 days of nlp transformational work is to be experienced.  My transformation through the Train The Trainer is also phenomenal. The Journey is multiple times more than the price you pay.

  • Dr. Sagar Thokade

    (Practicing MD Ayurvedic Medicine Professional from Pune)

    I was greatly impressed with the quality of individualized and customized experience provided in the course. I learnt a lot about how to present my case with my clients and how to work towards achieving excellence in life. I have all the clarity of my personal & professional challenges and I am sure I am going to see my self achieving everything that I wish

  • Narayanan Shankaran

    (Mr. Narayanan Shankaran,Executive & Life Coach, PCC, Mumbai)

    Atmabhan NLP EDGE Practitioner Training has been a fabulous experience. I have understood many aspects of NLP which are useful to my Executive & Life Coaching. I feel this has given new insights into the applications of NLP.

  • Hitesh Hike Keswani

    (Hitesh Hike Keswani, Professional Teacher & Zen Practitioner, Lucknow)

    This Atmabhan NLP Practitioner Training Workshop has been really a world-class! I could learn so many techniques and theories through an absolute engaging training approach by Ashvin Deshpande.  I am going to utilize this practical know-how of NLP in my professional and spiritual journey.  I am sure this training can enrich you with many inner as well as outer secrets of your human journey.

  • Dr Aruna Saxena

    (Dr. Mrs. Aruna Saxena is a homemaker and qualified Homeopath from Lucknow)

    I have never learnt so much of myself as much as I could learn during the 5 days of Atmabhan NLP Practitioner. Many aspects of personality have been uncovered.  I now exactly know how I have become what I am.  At the same time, I also know, how I can become what I want to!  I am also very lucky to be the part of Lucknow Atmabhan NLP Practitioner.

  • Chandrashekhar Sakpal

    (Senior Sales Manager, Star Health & Allied Insurance Co Ltd., Mumbai)

    This training has been the most useful landmark in my life. I did hear about NLP for the last few years, even attended a few courses here and there, but the amount of understanding and clarity that I have got here with Atmabhan Academy is phenomenal. I am also amazed with the kind of personalized attention the trainers give the candidates. The capacity of the trainers to make you understand the grasp the subject is great. The “FIREWALK” was the top of all the experiences of my life. Now I know that I am fearfree to lead my own life.

  • Sanjay Surve

    (Mr. Sanjay Surve, Training Manager, Star Health & Allied Insurance Co. Ltd., Mumbai)

    Hi, I am Sanjay.  I am associated with Atmabhan for the last 4 years. I have attended NLP Practitioner Training as well as Atmabhan Train The Trainer for couple or more times.  I feel very empowered because of the knowledge shared by Ashvin during all the training programs that I have attended. My role as a Trainer is greatly influenced by what I have learnt from the Maestro himself.

  • Mrs Pooja Srivastav

    (Mrs. Pooja Srivastav, Franchise Partner, Global Minds Academy, Old Lucknow)

    I have thought of life this way. I have got deep insights about personal and business life. I have seen many changes in my family life as well. My communication with out world has drastically improved. I feel the transformational experience is to be lived for 5 days with NLP Maestro Ashvin.

  • Mrs Shilpi Verma

    {Franchise Owner, Global Minds Academy, Lucknow}

    The NLP Practitioner Training Workshop for me was really life changing. I have learnt many things about myself. I am feeling powerful and vibrant than ever before. I know precisely now how to deal with life situations. I have strategies to win for my business. I have more resources and the specific means to utilize the resources. I will personally thank Ashvin & Rajesh, the NLP Maestros.

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